Adia Vega Talks Being Prince Vega’s Newest Internet Hollywood Model: “I’m So Excited”

img-7owxnv91_rb25csznr3klfUpcoming model Adia Vega is finally opening up after being accepted by Prince Vega to become one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models. The hype building her debut in Internet Hollywood stared earlier this year when a banner of the model was featured on our front page shortly before the spring. She was the first out of three models invited to be a part of Prince Vega’s model lineup in the month she was chosen.


Although Adia Vega has remained silent since her arrival, her journey is finally beginning and the time couldn’t of been any more perfect. Most of our readers and celebrities happen to be drawn to the chart battles that occurs throughout the four seasons. The publicity surrounding the stories is becoming a cruise ship for models who wants more attention fast and smoothly. Luckily Vega will be one out of the handful to experience it.


img-6yrgflvzbzk-31feeuybc5Our reporters recently caught up with the gorgeous new celebrity to get her thoughts on being chosen to be a model for Internet Hollywood. She voiced her excitement and praised Prince Vega for having similar views than hers.


“Thank you for giving me this opportunity,” she said. “It is refreshing to see that somebody (Prince Vega) sees the same potential that I see in myself. I’m really excited that Internet Hollywood is making me one of their models and I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life to see how I flourish. With this opportunity I would like see myself as a well established model that younger women are inspired by.”

Adia Vega’s potential is so strong that Prince Vega quickly took notice and immediately got in contact with her. Vega will also be working on numerous Internet Hollywood projects that doesn’t include modeling. This is the first time Adia Vega has ever been published on Internet Hollywood.


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