Akecia T reveals her inspirations behind modeling, discusses the lessons she learned, if she wants to sign to an agency, photographers and more!

Beyond The Lens – Internet Hollywood has been a pretty hot spot for upcoming talent that’s trying to build themselves all over the world. I have been exploring the lifestyle of many people over the years and still, it fascinates me to hear their stories. The grind to success is hard and talented people that dedicate themselves to their work understands this very clearly. Another talented model that may know about this is independent Massachusetts model Akecia T.


I got in touch with Akecia T over messenger and told her I wanted to do an interview and she accepted. I wrote up a couple of questions and sent it right to her after it was done. Check out the interview below!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Akecia T*~*~


Internet Hollywood:  Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe Akecia! I look forward to reading your answers to some questions I had prepared for you today. I would like to call myself a new fan of your work. A lot of your content is very striking to the eyes and I could respect the different styles you could pull off when you are modeling. What inspired you to want to model and who were the first few photographers you shot with?


Akecia: Heyyy and thank you for showing interest in my work! I’m really excited to be apart of internet Hollywood! What inspired me to model was trying to overcome my insecurities as a child. I was always told I should model, and people would always say how beautiful I looked, but I didn’t see it. Modeling has defiantly opened my eyes to learning to love myself. The first photographer I shot with was ( I can’t remember his Kosta-s Mitrev and I was painted by Erica Jean Femino. Starting out I also shot a lot with Peter Buccheri, Robyn Forkley, and Jim Hennessey. They have been such amazing people to work with, and have helped me grow and learn as a model.


Internet Hollywood: What was one of the first few lessons you learned when you started modeling that would’ve made things a lot easier for you if you at the beginning If you knew it then?


Akecia: Haha. That’s a good one. The first thing I was taught is that if it’s uncomfortable your doing it right! Its those awkward poses and positions that help make a picture stand out. Another one was seeing that I’m only 5’3 I need to try and elongate my body. So I try to find little ways I can position myself to make me look a little taller. The most important lesson I feel I’ve learned is modeling isn’t about taking pretty pictures, it’s about emotion, expression, and storytelling. If I had known that I would have had it a lot easier, because starting out I thought it was just about being sexy or cute.


Internet Hollywood: Many people fear what the future brings so they choose to work even harder to accomplish their dreams. Does fear play a part in your hunger to want to accomplish your goal?

Akecia: I would have to say no. Fear to me is something that blocks you from being able to achieve what you want to achieve. I don’t fear what my future is going to bring, I’m hopeful to see what it has in store. I’d say pure determination to achieve better things and a great future is what drives me.

Internet Hollywood: Are you currently looking to collaborate with others?


Akecia: I’m always looking to collaborate! Hit me up let’s figure out a concept!!!!



Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to doing and what do you look for in the photographers you choose to do photo shoots with?

Akecia I’m Honestly open to a lot of concepts and ideas. I love doing body painting photo shoots, I love running around abandon Warehouses, and, insane asylums and seeing what the decay has to offer for a great shot. I’ve done implied and nude but don’t often, not totally closed off to it, just haven’t done many. When I look for a photographer I look for somebody who’s very open, is willing to teach me more about modeling, and wants to make me feel comfortable. I look for photographers who want to explore outside of the Box and do things that are fun and unusual (still looking to do a mermaid shoot😉😉). Mainly though I feel I give every photographer who wants to a chance to work together and base it off that experience.


Internet Hollywood: Are you trying to do get into fashion shows and magazines as well?

Akecia: Fashion shows, not so much, I’m worried I’d fall on my face haha! But being in a magazine has been a dream of mine since I was 8, and saw a Sports Illustrated cover model. Instantly I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life.


Internet Hollywood: Is signing to an agency something you want to do in the future or do you feel like being independent is the best route for you?

Akecia: I would like to sign to an agency, but I do love being independent.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything at the moment that you would like to let everyone know about?


Akecia: Unfortunately not I took a hiatus for winter. As soon as it starts warming up though, I have a feeling there will be many projects.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Akecia!


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Akecia T: Instagram

Photographer: John Guérin

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