Alice’n Blunnderland discusses her journey to becoming a model, becoming a herbalist, being a mom, her plans, and more

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Alice’n Blunnderlar is finally receiving her very first publication in the Internet Hollywood universe after finishing her first interview with me. The interview was done close to the middle of the month and was meant to be put out a lot sooner until digital errors caused the delay. But now that things are back operating the way it was suppose to I had the great pleasure in quickly putting together this great interview for you all to enjoy reading. I had a great pleasure interviewing Alice’n and I’m hoping to write a lot of stories about her in the near future. Enjoy the interview!

~*~*Interview /w Alice’n Blunnderland*~*~

Internet Hollywood: What’s up Alice’n? Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. This is our very first interview together and I’m pleased to read some of your answers to my questions. We have been connected through Facebook for sometime and I felt it was long overdue to interview you. So with that being said, welcome. Could you give our readers a little background history on who you are, where you from, and what you do?

Alice’n: Hey and thank you for having me with you today. I have been reading your articles for a while now and I am always blown away by the people you interview. And you’re right, we have been friends on Facebook for a while. So a background story on me, oh boy. Well I’m a Timelord and the last of my kind…kidding. I grew up in Tiverton, Rhode Island milking cows and being one of the boys for the longest time. My Dad owned a tattoo shop which help drive my love for art. My mom helped me embrace who I am and to throw a mean right hook if I ever needed it. Oh and she talk me how to cook, change tires, oil filter and other car stuff. I played football for a short time in high school as well. It was fun while it lasted and I loved my boys. From their I got pregnant my junior year in high school, gave birth to my sidekick, got my GED and graduated with honor. I’ve been to school a few times since then but the ones I’m most proud of is graduation with honors from the American College of Healthcare Science. I’m still enrolled in a diploma program for Herbal Studies Master Herbalist. So as of right now I’m a full time student, a mom, model, cosplayer and the owner of Cea Ciren Apothecary, and disabled ( but you cant see my disability nor doe it define me.)

Internet Hollywood: You being a person that likes to express many of your creative abilities makes me wonder how far the railroad goes and what your childhood was like in the past. When did you passion for modeling and cosplay started and what was the inspiration behind it?

Alice’n: Art is my drug of choice! Show me how to do something and I will master it and make it my own. I draw, paint, make mask, tattoo, hair, makeup, chainmail, carpentry and whatever else I can get my hands on. I actually started modeling on a dare from the guys on the football team. They told me that I was too much of a tomboy to enter a pageant. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I entered and won 1st in my age category and most photogenic. After that I did local fashion shows at the mall and dabbled in modeling here and there but nothing serious. It wasn’t until 4 years ago when I started doing pinup shows for local community events that I really started to take it seriously. Now cosplay started in high school because i hang out with a bunch of nerds. I t was a once in a while thing for cons and as of the last year I started to take it seriously thanks to the Bat of Fall River. Both modeling and cosplay has lead to a lot of community volunteering and I love it. I love giving back and helping people.Its funny how you can do things for so long and then decide one day, “I’m doing this,” for you to really appreciate it and make a change.

Internet Hollywood: When did you started getting involved with herbal studies and what does a master herbalist mean?

Alice’n: I have always hugged trees and worshiped dirt, I mean herbalism. It was something that was taught to me at a young age by my grandfather and mother. My grandfather lives in east bum f**** Maine and lives off the land a lot. He made sure I learned to identify plants, what can be used for. It just fascinated me and I was able to expand and learn more on my own. I like the idea of Eastern (herbal) or Native medicine and Western (pharmaceutical) medicine working together or one over the other. Without herbal medicine we would not have the basis for medicine now. I really could ramble on for hours about this. But I will not bore you with it.

Internet Hollywood: A Cea Ciren Apothecary isn’t a word I hear very often. Your the first one to bring that to light for me. I’ll have to look more into that. I’m actually getting into herbal studies myself. I’m surprised I never identified like that. But anyway, what kind of people are you hoping to connect more with and what goals have you put in place now to get you closer to conquering your dream?

Alice’n: Cea Ciren Apothecary is a derivative of my initials CCA, my obsession with mermaids and my love of herbal medicine. Currently it’s just me making natural spa products for people but once I finish my Herbal Studies degree I want to open a full on apothecary and open a practice. Im hoping to connect with more like minded people in both the modeling world and the general public, that will benefit from my work. My current goals are to finish school while creating products, keep pushing with my modeling so one day I can buy a house where I can have a green room to grow all my herbs and have my practice on property. I am also hoping it will show my daughter that no matter a person’s limitations or obstacles, that with good work ethic and determination, success will follow.

Internet Hollywood: Being a mother that’s juggling between time at home with the kids, modeling, work, and school kind of tells us your hands are full. How do you manage to balance those things out?

Alice’n: Lots and lots of coffee. It’s really not that bad though. Monday thru Friday is time with my daughter, school work and any doctors appoints. Friday nights to Sunday is modeling, events and anything I couldn’t get done during the week. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed and other times if I sit still for too long I go nuts. But any mom will tell you multitasking is one of our greatest superpowers.

Internet Hollywood: This is starting to become my favorite question to ask; did you have to sacrifice anything in you everyday life to keep yourself focused and are you afraid of what sacrifices you may have to make in the future to keep it going?

Alice’n: The only thing I have had to sacrifice is sleep. There is no success without sacrifice but the only thing I will never do is compromise my values, morals or sense of self to get ahead. One of my favorite quotes that proves this is “Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be retrained.” – William Blake

Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Alice’n!


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