Alyssa Nicole Opens Up About Being In Controlling Relationships, Being Bullied, And More!

alyssa 1Prince Vega – A gorgeous new star is born in our universe and her name is Alyssa Nicole. The absolutely adorable Connecticut model is one out of the few that are freely expressing themselves to Internet Hollywood and we are truly grateful they are bravely doing so. Lately dozens of models in the state of Connecticut has been giving us their thoughts on the competitive nature that has been causing feuds between upcoming models in their neighborhoods. They all shared a similar belief that jealousy and the spotlight was the leading cause of the never ending drama that has been occurring between models.


We took a different approach to start off our small interview with Alyssa Nicole. The talented sweetheart gave us some of her amazing time to answer a few questions we couldn’t hold back from her. I started the very short interview by digging into her past and getting the idea of who this beautiful rising star is that is capturing the attention of our thirteen member committee. Check below to see what she had to say!

Question: Who is Alyssa Nicole and when did you decide that modeling was going to be something you pursue, and did someone close to you have a problem with it?


“When I was about 16-17, I met my friend Nick Ritch. He kept trying to get me to model for him since he was a photographer, but I was hesitant. Eventually, after becoming good friends with him, I gave in shortly after I had broke up with my boyfriend of two years. My first official shoot was done with Nick’s friend Don featuring his Evo and after that, I was told I was a natural. I kept on modeling after that; went to car shows, met other photographers, took notes from other models and kept improving. I didn’t strongly get into modeling until July of 2015. My past relationships were more on the controlling sides so I couldn’t do much with my modeling until I had left my relationship and once I did, I made modeling a priority. Growing up, I always was passionate about beauty and makeup, but to be honest, I never thought I’d get into modeling, but i’m so glad I did. My friends at first, were super awesome about my modeling, then, when I did some more revealing stuff, they all kind of were iffy, but in time, they realized how much I loved it and supported me 100%.”

Q: After becoming a model what would you say is the biggest challenge coming up?


“Probably just juggling modeling with school, work and my social life”

Q: Was there ever a time you wanted to give up modeling because of what other people think?


alyssa 2Nicole:

“100%. I was getting bullied really bad by another model and she was spreading rumors about my relationship and because my relationship came first, I wanted to stop modeling, but I let the drama die out and continues perusing my passion.”

Q: Now that you’ve manage to get through a lot of troubling times in the pass. What would you say is your biggest fear now?



“To be honest, not succeeding in life in general, wasting time and all these years in school and with modeling too and it not going anywhere.”

Q: When you see your modeling photos from your photo shoots what’s the first time that comes to your mind?


“I just get so excited seeing the final product and how the photographer truly can succeed in getting such awesome shots.”

Q: From your view what does success feel like when you realize that you finally are where you want to be?


“That’s a tough one. I’m already so happy with what I’ve achieved so far, doing what I love and making money off it even too, I’m already successful!”

Q: What have you learned so far in your career as a model that you think would be beneficial for new models looking for a chance to come up?


“To be yourself. Don’t try to hard, but definitely just take modeling step by step. Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the future, just to make a name for yourself.”

Nicole was recruited to our model lineup by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. The hip hop artist recognized her true potential and put his time in reaching out to her with an offer to be one of our newest celebrities. She’s beyond beautiful, smart, talented, brave and passionate! We look forward to publishing more news on this stunning new model! The beautiful photos of her was took by Reset Photography. Please show her support by sharing this article and tagging all of your friends in it!

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