Amanda Lee Speaks With Internet Hollywood About Her Amazing Hair Color, Reveals New Changes

amanda leeAmanda Lee has given us more than enough to cover in her growing career as an alternative model inside of Internet Hollywood. Her beauty is painted with the brush of a god hidden beyond the stars above our very own eyes. She’s repeatedly kept us updated on the latest shoots she involved herself with on her Facebook fan page that currently has over 35 thousand followers. This debut headline marks the very first entry from our Amanda since joining ProjectXPlatinum about a week ago. The freelance tattoo/alternative model is building herself up with momentum that is forcing her way through the doors and nobody behind it can stop that. The inspirational star is far from the others with her explosive poses that blows in the cap holding down the roof to our arena. She will soon find herself amongst the biggest models headlining in the top ranks of our billboard charts like Tygeria, Isabel Vinson, Jessy Erinn, Viola Verity & More. We could only assume Amanda is thrilled for the chase so make no mistake we thought getting her take on her amazing colorful hair was something most people would want us to know. Amanda didn’t hesitate to briefly share her story with us.


“I decided to color my hair like this towards the end of April. I have always changed up my hair color so it was nothing really out of the ordinary for me to do. Most people know me/refer to me in the modeling/photography networking group so I wanted to keep it somewhat in the red field but wanted to intensify it more. I am looking into exploring other colors but they would be for the underneath of my hair, as I like having the red and the way it compliments me. The next I have looked into is my red on top with a blue fading out underneath.”

We can assure everyone that this will not be the last time they will see Amanda’s name floating around our headlines. The 5’4″ Virginia born modeling sweetheart is a brand new member of the new freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum. The organization currently have over 350 models and was created by none other than Prince Vega & Isabel Vinson. We are super excited to have Amanda apart of our universe and we look forward to keeping the public updated on all her latest news!

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