Amandy Ranger Applauds Internet Hollywood’s Top Models Chart: “It’s Important To Be Competitive”

amandy-rangerPrince Vega – Gorgeous super model Amandy Ranger is in favor of the highly talked about top models chart that has been ranking models this past two weeks. Seven names on the chart has already been revealed and more names will be in future weeks to come. Ranger’s magnetic vibe is something we’ll soon find in the mix of all of our models as she progresses in our universe.


Shortly after accepting an invitation to Internet Hollywood our reporters approached the model and asked for her thoughts on a popular conversation sweeping our universe. Celebrities are debating on whether a top models chart will cause tensions between models because it requires competitiveness. Ranger is one of those beautiful models who feel the idea of having one is great for many reasons.


“I think it’s important to acknowledge the models who are putting In a Lot of hard work and doing the best they can to reach the top,” she said. “It also makes models push harder to reach the top spot on the chart. It’s important to be competitive but at the same time making sure you are supportive toward the other models out there. I think the industry is lacking those principles sometimes.”

She continued:

“Personally I get a lot out of helping other models as well. I even started a business allies be younique models which allows new and seasoned models the chance to come out shoot and gain exposure”

Ranger is predicted to be a future powerhouse in Internet Hollywood in future months to come. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega has been keeping it contact with Ranger on and off throughout the last year. It is amazing that we could finally call Ranger a member of our Internet Hollywood family.


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