Amandy Ranger Wants The Model Industry To Change: “I’m Tired of Seeing The Same Type Of Women”

amandy-imagesCanadian Model Amandy Ranger is no stranger to attracting people to her amazing work that is now being followed by over 50 thousand people. The model has sustained a positive base by dominating social media features that has helped her generate a strong following an a invitation to Internet Hollywood’s growing community. She has a series of videos, modeling photos and selfies to entertain her following who can’t get enough of her.


Her active social media presence is a lesson many younger models should take if they wish to shake up the modeling industry. Ranger has taken advantage of simple features and has planted a seed that will grow her empire in the future. She actively engages in conversations with her following and keeps them updated and entertained with videos and pictures. Studying Ranger’s career as a model only shows us how dedicated she is.


Many are unaware Amandy was one of the first few hundred models Prince Vega has made an Internet Hollywood celebrity. She was first published in April 2014 before she went to Cancun for a Bikini Model Search contest. That is a few of many reasons she is being recognized as a force that guarantees her arrival on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart.


She is now making front page news for something a little more different than before. She was recently asked to give her thoughts on the model industry and what she would do to change it if she could.

“Well it’s obviously perpetuated by social media and the perception and persuasion of the ideal female body which for most real women is unattainable. It’s also important to think and consider why these women look the way they do it could be genetics an eating disorder diet and exercise a myriad of factors can be included and some smaller women are also judged for being skinny. As for my point of view I feel that it should be inclusive to all women because we are not all made the same asif from some cookie cutter image. I encourage all women to step out of their comfort zone and explore their talents and Abilities. I own a business called be younique models who is inclusive to all women and allows them a chance to come out to photo shoots and get into the industry or simply try it out for themselves, a husband, boyfriend, whatever. I am tired of seeing the same type of women!! This industry needs to branch out and explore the beauty of all women. On a closing note I am really digging the plus size models gracing covers and runways. It’s empowering to women and models alike.”


Ranger views is shared by millions of women all over including models from Internet Hollywood. She is one of the very few models in Internet Hollywood that is from Canada. She has been published in Modelzview, Glammodelz, Bandini Pin Up, Tunerz Kandi, Bikini Magazine, Sunshine Girl, Sunshine Girl Calendar 2014, Indy Grid Girl and Emerald Lifestyle Magazine. It is because of accomplishments like this we believe she will succeed and achieve great things in her amazing career.


The absolutely gorgeous picture of Amandy Ranger was taken by Jeff Silva Photography at Graffiti Alley.


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