Amazing: Model Emilia Caroline Pulls Off Underwater Mermaid Shoot With Brian Cosgray

emilia caro

Prince Vega – Emilia Caroline is back and she’s on ????????????! The Internet Hollywood model teamed up with photographer Brian Cosgray to execute one of the most perfect mermaid shoots I’ve ever wrote an article about on Internet Hollywood.


The model recently briefed us on the shoot in a caption when she published a selfie of her preparing for the mermaid shoot days before it. After coming out of my lonely world of a fortress I discovered a photo while browsing and it bloom my mind how nicely it was done. In the photo Emilia is staring into the lens guided by the eyes of the talented Brian Cosgray as she posed underwater. What happens next is magic and the time couldn’t of been any more perfect.


It’s shoots like this that makes Emilia one of the must-see celebrities making front page news in Internet Hollywood. She has made front page news in Internet Hollywood three times since her debut in March of last year. She was also selected as a VIP celebrity on Prince Vega’s Internet Hollywood celebrities list.


Caroline name has been mentioned in Internet Hollywood over 20 times in this month alone. Prince Vega predicts she will be one of the biggest competitor in the top model charts in future months to come. You can also tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page every Tuesday at 8:30  p.m. (est).


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