Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Flaunts Their Cleavage To White Teenage Gangster Rapper ‘Slim Jesus’

slim jesus 2'Prince Vega.TV – White teenage drill rapper Slim Jesus may be getting a lot of hate but there’s something else that he’s also getting — industry babes attention. Amber Rose & Black Chyna just posted a video on Instagram together flaunting they cleavage to the rapper’s new song ‘Drill Time’. In the video you can see the two best friends work there upper bodies to the chopped & screwed verse before getting their nod on to the arguably best few lines in the song. The artist quickly built a reputation for the release of his drill music video that contained guns, drugs, and very aggressive language. Sadly, al it takes is a stroll through the Internet and you’ll see dozens of rappers of all colors that are teenagers making drill music. After the launch of his video he’s been receiving endless amount of negative/positive attention from people all over the world that finds his appearance and style of music to be rear for a white teenage rapper. Like him or not, the amount of attention he’s getting has the whole world noticing. Click the video below to see Amber & Black Chyna get down to some Slim Jesus.


Slim Jesus – ‘Drill Time

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