Andrew Shanley Turns Photo Shoot Into A ‘Three Way’ With Models Gloria Jean And Ava Danger

ava and gloriaPhotographer Andrew Shanley is making front page headlines after our reporters discovered his latest shoot involved two of our adorable ProjectXPlatinum models Gloria Jean and Ava “Allie” Danger. The eyes inside of Andrew’s lens executed the vision he captured within his mind, and the moment to snap these amazing photos could not be anymore perfect. These two beautifully shaped Internet Hollywood celebrities is definitely making a strong impression for alternative models all over the world. Imagining a chance of being more than a female that dreams of becoming a model comes with public figures like Gloria and Allie that inspires them. In the collection of the incredible shoot both models are seen between numerous outfits that will nearly make your jaws drop. Who could help but dream of being in between the lens while these photos are being took of both of these amazing models. Piecing together this incredible shoot could have not been done without the help of a skilled photographer like Andrew Shanley. The Massachusetts celeb is the head of his empire and loves to work with creative people to build dynamic images that’ll help talented models spread their work to others. He’s a growing celebrity in our alternative universe that has made a name for himself for delivering quality material while being himself the entire time. With Allie’s down to earth personality and Gloria’s incredibly sweet heart mixed into one movement, no one will ever be able to tear apart what they are building for themselves. These two amazing women deserves the credit and respect for all the hard work they put into being models.  You will be able to find both models in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue coming out in the middle of March! #Bullseye


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gloria new

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