Angel Rosen discuss being a dancer, model, performer, cutting people out of her life, more women wanting to learn how to pole dance and more

Beyond The Lights – Massachusetts dancer, model and performer Angel Rosen gave me a little inside detail on her life for our mini-series that consist of 5-questions to over 100 talented people in the United States. Rosen was selected after posting her links under a status I wrote that requested that upcoming talent post their fan pages. After seeing her comment I sent her message then we got the ball rolling.


What’s pretty interesting is the timing of this interview. We completed this interview early last month, two weeks before Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year. I’m very happy to finally have the time to piece together this story to give Rosen her very first publication on Internet Hollywood. She’s so talented and very enlightened. I definitely will seek longer interviews in the future. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Angel Rosen! It’s a pleasure to be interviewing a performer for the very first time in Internet Hollywood. We like to expand our platform to people of all talent everywhere in the world. What made you decide performing was something you really wanted to take serious as a career path?


Rosen: Performing was just a series of opportunities that came my way. Due to having more than one passion in life. I enjoy all forms of art. Creating, making anything that speaks from my soul. Painting a picture or my face with makeup for a performance. It all is driven from the same passion. Example; In my early 20’s, I moved to Raleigh, NC to create art covers for bands. But, found myself dancing in the bands and touring.


Internet Hollywood: How did people around you react to you wanting to pursue it as a goal?


Rosen: I’m a person who believes, if you are happy with your life goals and where it is taking you. Who is any one to judge you for it. My family gives me odd looks from time to time. But we live once. I would feel more like a fool, if I didn’t see where it all could go. The people I meet alone has been worth the journey so far.


Internet Hollywood: Did you had to cut people out of your life to get to where you are now?


Rose: Sometime people let go of us, sometimes we let go of them. Growth, is extremely important to me. I have no problem letting people go, who don’t empower that in a positive way.


Internet Hollywood: I noticed a lot of people are becoming hugely interested in learning how to pole dance. What is it about pole dancing that makes people want to do it?


Rose: Pole Dance, is a endless universe of possibilities! There are so many directions you can take it. The benefits from the workout alone speaks for itself. I have never been in better shape or so physical Strong. The confidence it builds inside is unmatched. I am doing things with my body, I would have never imagined, I could accomplish. The amazing souls that I have had the pleasure to learn from, take a class with or teach; priceless!!! The amount of pure fun you have, just tops it off for me. You can get strength, flexibility, confidence, bad ass trucks, have tons of laughs, make friends and burn calories. #unitedbypole It’s for every single person on any level. You decide where to take it and what you want out of it. I have seen it change people on the outside as well as inside. How could u not want to do it? Is my question.


Internet Hollywood: In 5 years from now, do you see yourself branching off to do other things, or do you still see yourself performing?


Rose: I have always done more than performing. I truly hope that continues. I have been extremely blessed to work with some amazing photographers and enjoy modeling projects, recently. Here in less then a few weeks, I am relocating my year round residency. Too open my own pole fitness studio in Beaufort, NC. I’ll also be competing for the first time ever with the, Pole Sport Organization. They are holding the northeast championship in Boston before the end of this year.. I truly hope in five years that, I am blessed enough to still be performing. Encouraging others to take chances on them self, in my own pole fitness classes. There is nothing I enjoy more then helping others find the magic within themselves!!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you Angel Rosen!


Congratulations to Rosen on her first publication with us. I look forward to following her career and getting more awesome stories to share with you all.  The stunning photos of Angel Rosen in this story was taken by Jeff Smith Photograhy. You could follow both of them by by clicking one of the highlighted links to her pages below!



Angel Rosen: Facebook – Instagram

Jeff Smith Photography: Facebook

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