Angie Sass on East Hartford, CT Riverfest Cancellation: “They’re Making A Lot Of Mistakes”

angie sass 8Prince Vega – The Hartford, East Hartford, CT Riverfest & fireworks cancellation has been sitting with thousands of people uncomfortably and we are giving them a platform to express how they truly feel about the cities decision to cut off something as important as the biggest celebration of the year, which would’ve costed the city 100,000 vs the amount of 10 million the city agreed to help pay for a baseball stadium that isn’t even done yet.


Upcoming independent model Angie Sass also felt the need to give her thoughts on the matter after we brought it up. She believes the people running for office in the capital city has been making a lot of mistakes and need to be replaced.

“Before the stadium was even built I had an interview with the news,” she said. “They asked me what was my thought on the stadium and I didn’t understand because back then there was cutting teachers budgets and now I seen the focus was still on the stadium after the stadium was built they made changes on the stadium which now is not even finish is affecting the economy in Connecticut now they are removing the fireworks because of the same reason there’s no funds I think we need to change the people they are running in the capital city they are making a lot of mistakes they should focus on the stadium in East Hartford and focus on the more little details that are going on in Connecticut.”

Q: Why do you feel most people don’t pay attention to something as serious as this, but would rather pay attention to things happening in celebrities lives?

“People are blind with the entertainment of society and paparazzi’s they are forgetting was most important was is going on in real life and the generation that we are building for our future kids & relatives . We are worried about putting money in Celebrity Pockets instead of putting money in our own town.”

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