Angie Sass Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Her Past Feuds With Other Connecticut Models

angie sass 4Prince VegaAngie Sass is opening up her past for Internet Hollywood to examine the root cause of what may be causing pointless feuds between upcoming models in Connecticut’s urban communities. Recently Connecticut models Soncharay Correa and Gatita spoke to our reporters and aligned the bad blood between models with fearful suspensions (jealousy) because each of them seen each other as competition.


Sass is another gorgeous model growing from the planted seeds in the blossoming spring season who has encountered the unfriendly nature of others who she claimed dragged her into “ignorant” drama. During our discussion she gave a greatly detailed explanation on the root cause of the problem and what she feels is the best solution when dealing with those kind of problems.


“In one point I have gotten dragged into ignorant drama,” she said “I don’t pay any mind to others because that’s what they want for you to pay attention to them and stoop down to they level. Instead of working together they decided to work against each other making this to be more of a battle of who’s better then who. Its not a competition its suppose to be a self image that you are creating for yourself and others in a good way. A lot of these photographers ask other females from the same town to take shoots and have them act like they are in high school and have then compare to each other instead of being mature models and work together and worry about they own image and themselves. I’m only worried about my brand and what I’m creating for my self. To be able to help out those who wanna work with me. To have them feel proud of what I have to offer. Not only as a model but also as a friend.”

angie sass 5She continued:

“Other girls from the same town have drama and colied because they have they own problems and bring it to u the other person they working with. Its like your in school taking pictures of all the girls and they compete against each other and will trow salt on other girls instead of worrying about they own priorities.”

She also gave her advice on how upcoming models can avoid situations. She stressed the importance of minding your own business and focusing on developing your own brand:

“Mind your business and focus on you, your brand, your looks, and what’s gonna make you better,” she said. “Focus on your life and your financial situation. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Show love and don’t hate on other models. You get nothing from hating on another person. We’re grown individuals with responsibility. Stay humble and professional. Everything your working hard for will pay off.”

Her advice to new models starting off:

“You have to start of by having faith in yourself and believing in yourself and your brand. Stay determine and start networking. Always stay positive in any outcome that comes ur way. When one door closes another one opens. Never give up if one says no another will say yes.”

The featured image above of Angie was shot by a talented photographer by the name of Javish. We can credit him for capturing a stunning shot of the model who has finally been published in Internet Hollywood for the very first time. Sass is aiming towards expanding her connections beyond the barriers of being local to reach international stardom. We are hoping to publish more articles of the model in the future as she continues her journey!


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