ANoyd Appears On Hot 97 With Funkmaster Flex, Releases Powerful ‘Black Privilege’ Music Video


Prince Vega – Rapper ANoyd has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention this month and he’s been sharing that experience with the world through his social media pages. He recently published a couple pictures on Instagram of his latest interview with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97. He also got a chance to showoff his amazing talent with a freestyle on the prime time show.The artist screen shotted his Twitter post with an emotional caption the day of the interview that read:


It is unheard of for an amazing lyricist like ANoyd to overcome the odds of being a talented rapper from a state that has no superstars in the music industry. It is almost sad that Connecticut is right next to New York and still no rappers from Connecticut has been “put on” to the success brought on by mainstream outlets. I can’t dig deep enough to find a reason not to believe ANoyd is one of those superstars who will reach a level unheard of in the state of Connecticut. Perhaps people should take the time out to listen to songs like “Black Privilege” to see how big of a deal this kid is.


anoyd-3Black Privilege” is a video where ANoyd reflects the mirror that shows us the harsh reality we live in that most refuses to accept. He confronts the issues of today with greatly detailed lyrics that describes the impact of racial privileges and the sad truth about black-on-black crime. He speaks strongly on white supremacy and the difference it would have made if his skin possess no color at all. It is extremely sensitive topics like that gets amazing artists like ANoyd marginalized sadly.


It would also be wise to assume ANoyd’s team has did an amazing job to help keep the growing artist in everyones faces. It is that exact same team work that has helped this gifted artist share his work on beneficial platforms like Vibe, Hot 97 and Internet Hollywood. We look forward to writing more about this rising star in the future. You can check out ANoyd’s new music video directed by Jamie Tobias below!

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