AQG Takeover: Baghdad Tears Two CNN Instrumentals To Shreds In New Freestyle Videos

baghdad images

Prince VegaAQG has been tearing apart the underground music scene with dozens of freestyles and another one has just been released. AQG’s own Baghdad is back attacking the popular challenges that’s sweeping the Connecticut underground thanks to Rivera Wil. The rapper published a video on his Facebook page freestyling to CNN’s “Bang Bang” instrumental and it’s already receiving support from fellow artists from Connecticut.


The video comes days after the release of two other freestyles to Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” challenge and another challenge of his own which was recommended by his girlfriend before choosing another Capone-N-Noreaga beat. In the video the art that came out of his creativity produced metaphors that were loaded with clever punchlines he delivered perfectly.

“Bad Thanksgiving chef –  known to burn a turkey/with a side of black eyed peas -who the **** is Fergie?”  #CaponeandNoreagaChallenge  (click here to listen)

Baghdad continued to carry on the torch with another freestyle to CNN’s “Bang Bang” instrumental:

“She better make the pipe disappear/suck me good enough to have me like WOAH! I’m Ric Flair.” #Cnnbangbangchallenge  (ClickHereToListen)

Fellow AQG artist Banga Bandanaz also released a few video responses to a few challenges with his own freestyles that was also published on Internet Hollywood. This is Baghdad’s first published story on Internet Hollywood and we predict there will be more in the future. Click the highlighted links above to listen to his video responses!

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