Arend Trent Photography brings the dark side out of Maine model Rayanne in their new photo shoot!

Photoshoots – Maine model Rayanne has upped the ante with Arend Trent Photography just before Halloween in their new photo shoot in central Maine. They invaded an abandoned building that once served as an old sanitorium years before becoming a nursing home much later. The thought of this made the creepy shoot even more haunting after I seen it. In fact, the shoot was so spooky that Rayanne admitted it creeped her out.


I asked the model to fill me in on a few basic details about the shoot when she confessed to being creeped out from how spooky the photo was. She also expressed how this shoot was her favorite and how Arend Trent deserves a lot more credit. Here’s everything she said!

“This shoot was very intense due to the location,” she said. “The building was at one point an old sanitorium a later became a nursing home in central Maine It had a very heavy energy an I was happy to be in an out.”


She continued:


“Arend contacted me thru Facebook we instantly started brainstorming. He came up with the location, wardrobe an I’m good at pulling off a dark look. I was so creeped out by my own photos I can honestly say I’d only look at them when I was around others. I’m very proud of pulling this shoot off! I’ve come a long way as a model. Arend is an amazing photographer. He made it comfortable an easy to work with. He had a lot of great ideas an deserves a lot of credit. I just love his work. He’s very energetic and you can hear the excitement in him with his work.”


I attached a few of the photos to this story for you all to check out. You could check out the rest by going to their fan pages highlighted under the credits below. I look forward to seeing more work from these two in the near future. It’s that same kind of work ethic that got Rayanne published on Internet Hollywood 5 times this year!


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Rayanne: Facebook

Arend Trent Photography: Facebook

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