Ariana Bashara Is Now Officially Prince Vega’s Newest Internet Hollywood Model

ariannaPrince Vega – Arianna is now officially Prince Vega’s newest Internet Hollywood model. The Massachusetts beauty was overwhelmed by our invitation to become a part of our expanding model lineup and decided to take on the offer. Our journalist will be keeping thousands updated on all the latest news surrounding Arianna’s modeling career.


The model officially became an Internet Hollywood celebrity after pulling 10 out of thirteen votes from our thirteen member committee. She was submitted for review after she told Prince Vega she was interested in being one of his newest model. 


One could easily assume this all will work in favor of our brand new shining superstar. She’s the first model to be made an Internet Hollywood celebrity in the third-quarter of the year and that will benefit her in the long run. The more work she puts into expanding her career as a model the more steps ahead of her competitors she will be in the race to #1 on our top 10 models chart.


Our readers could anticipate more news about this fascinating new superstar we will soon learn more about in future weeks to come. The stunning featured image of Arianna Bashara was taken by photographer Bryan Maes.


It is uncertain at this time whether Ariana will weigh in on the presidential elections like a lot of people in the Internet Hollywood universe. The model seems to be quite silent at the moment. If she does give her thoughts we will be the first ones to let you know!

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