Arlene Diaries: Carrie Madeline to receive her first Internet Hollywood award in November for being the first model featured on IH magazine’s front cover

Arlene Diaries – Independent New Jersey model Carrie Madeline will finally be receiving her first Internet Hollywood award in November. Madeline was nominated for Arlene Diaries last year after for being the first model to be featured on the front cover of Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue in December 2014. Madeline teamed up with a very talented photographer named William Joseph that did an amazing photoshoot for the magazine cover.


Although the magazine was removed due to circumstances involving a third party, another magazine will be made in honor of Madeline’s magical moment. That magazine released will be planned at the ending of the summer and will be released in November.


Madeline’s achievements under our watch have been astonishing and very little of the newer models remember that but now they’re being reminded. Madeline has been published on Internet Hollywood 26 times and has landed on our top model’s chart three times in the past. Around this time she was one of the most promoted models in Internet Hollywood.


Madeline has collaborated with many photographers in the past and has helped a couple of them get a feature on the website as well. Her color art displayed in her tattoos reflects her colorful vision that goes into things she creates when she’s making paintings, earrings, rings fitness, bracelet, naval rings and many other cool things she does as well. (check out her Etsy shop)


Madeline will be receiving her first award at the Internet Hollywood award show in November or it will be mailed to her. Congratulations!


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