Arlene Diaries: Tygeria To Rank #1 On Internet Hollywood’s Top Models Chart On Valentines Day!

Prince Vega – The love is in the air for Tygeria as she prepares to make a huge impact on on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart. The model has received three publication this past week that alerted our readers of Tygeria’s upcoming magazine feature and new award nomination.


The buck definitely didn’t stop there, Tygeria’s award nomination makes her an award nominee to the most important Internet Hollywood award. The only way for models to be nominated for an Arlene award is if they make history in Internet Hollywood.


Tygeria’s historic moment came after the model became the first model to win a contest done by Internet Hollywood. Well to be frank, the contest wasn’t actually done by Internet Hollywood, but it was around the golden ages that gave birth it. Tygeria became the victor of the small contest after pulling in over a thousand votes.


Tygeria was also being considered for a radio show with Internet Hollywood in the past. Since then the stream has been under maintenance due to system failure and is currently being upgraded.


If Tygeria wins an Arlene award it will be given to her in late April. The extremely hot photo of Tygeria was taken by Flight Deck Photography.


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