Arlene Diaries: Tygeria will receive her first Internet Hollywood award in November for becoming the first model to win an Internet Hollywood contest!

Arlene Diaries – Independent Nevada model Tygeria will finally be receiving her first Internet Hollywood award for the amazing performance that earned her the most votes during our very first contest back in 2014. Tygeria came in first place after pulling in a total of 1095 votes which secured her spot at #1 over nine other models. She won a four-page spread but ended up with about 6.


Tygeria success under Internet Hollywood’s radar only increased after she landed on Internet Hollywood top models charts. Her impact on our chart has caused her stories to double putting her amount to 26. She is currently one of the most published models in Internet Hollywood.


She will be a familiar name to everyone that reads the website as Arlene Diaries continues throughout the rest of the month. All the work she has done will be widely covered now that she is being noticed for her historical moment in Internet Hollywood.


If you check out Tygeria’s links below you will see she has collaborated with many photographers, been published in many magazines, participated fearlessly in dozens of contests and much more. Congratulations to you Tygeria!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Tygeria:  Facebook – Instagram

Photo was taken by Oscar Picazo Photography: Instagram

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