Artist Deanna Napper is making her costume for Halloween, discusses supernatural experiences, horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Connecticut artist Deanna Napper is bracing up for the holidays and she has decided to share her plans with us for Internet Hollywood’s topic of the week column. I have spoken to the artist before and became interested in learning more about her, so I thought it would be cool to ask her to participate in our hot topic discussion for this month. Each talent was given similar hot topic questions to answer. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*Interview /w Deanna Napper*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Deanna?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I appreciate you joining our discussion about Halloween. It has definitely been a fun topic that has contributed to many of interviews I have done over the weekend. What are your plans for Halloween? Will you be dressing up at all?


Deanna: I hope to go out and do something for the kids if I can. If not we’ll most likely hang out outside the house and maybe give candy. I very much plan to dress up, I’m making my costume.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of your favorite horror movies to watch while growing up and which movie would you say terrified you the most?


Deanna: I’ve always loved the horror genre, never really had just one favorite movie but growing up and still very much so now The Grudge has scared the crap out of me.


Internet Hollywood: If you had to choose to experience what happened in a horror movie in your real life time what movie would you choose and why?


Deanna: Good question! I would say Saw, it’s all really logic and survival or if not that then maybe any Romero film because zombies! I want to say I’ve seen all his day of the dead movies. Freaking good stuff man, he’s papa zombie.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been through a haunted experience or witness anything you would consider supernatural?


Deanna: Actually I have witnessed and been through a number of supernatural happenings. Grew up around it. My Nana’s old house housed many spirits and so she kept things a certain way so she wouldn’t bother them which kept the peace. My list of supernatural happenings is pretty long maybe another time?


Internet Hollywood: last question; what are some of your favorite kind of candy to get and food to eat around Halloween time?


Deanna: Well my favorite candy is Reese’s and I don’t really have a favorite food other than that one candy to eat around this time. It’s not Thanksgiving yet (Haha inner fat person waiting) so till then I wait.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Deanna! Have a Happy Halloween!


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