Artist & Lifestyle Designer Irina Gorbman talks growing up in Moscow, her unusual path to fashion, designing, her plans for her company and more!

Beyond The Lens -Artist & Lifestyle Designer Irina Gorbman has so many creative abilities it will be stupid to try to box them all in one category. Her artistic expression is an endless amount of power releasing its energy in the world of creativity and it’s available for everyone to see if they check it out. Irina’s path to establishing what she seeks beyond what we’re witnessing now is in reach through her vision. She appears to know exactly what she wants and I bet she will get there.


I had the honor of chatting with Irina Gorbman through messenger after inviting her to do an interview for Internet Hollywood. She kindly granted the interview and answered every question I had to ask. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Irina Gorbman*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello Irina! I first would like to thank you for giving me the chance to do a small interview with you. We’ve been connected through Facebook for a while and I strongly feel this was long overdue. I hope you been having an amazing 2018 so far. Before we kick things off could you give our readers a little background story on who you are, where you from, and what you do?


Irina: Growing up in Moscow, I was always been passionate about art, fashion and decor, inspired by classical European and Russian traditions.  Art was always part of my upbringing but choosing a profession was a different story, I was supposed to have a guaranteed job, so I studied mechanical engineering at Moscow Civil Engineering Institute and worked for a year before coming to the US in 1991.  I also studied International Relations at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and had a corporate job. The switch from a traditional (in the eyes of her parents from the former USSR) career in mechanical engineering and international relations to art happened after a postpartum accident. I became an abstract artist and a lifestyle designer for fashion and decor. My art was influenced by Vipassana meditation technique, Kundalini yoga, art by Nicolas Roerich and Helena Blavatsky’s teachings, aspiring to cultivate vitality and harmony within ourselves and with the world. I paint oil on canvas, then design derivative patterns to apply them onto fabrics, wallpapers and use print-over technique for wearable art limited edition fashion collections.


Internet Hollywood: Art could influence the emotions greatly when a person looks at it in great detail. I feel real art is a message hidden beyond the beauty of colors. Do you try to send messages through your artwork?


Irina: Yes, when I start a painting I usually think about a message for this creation. For example, after Boston Marathon bombing, I was so upset and felt really down, so we decided, that my son will play piano and I’ll paint – the new work had a very simple message “Let Peace prevail on Earth”. As I paint without wearing my glasses, predesigned color palette and sketches, the process goes in a free-flow style.  At some point, I step back to see what’s there. When the painting is completed I sit down at a distance in order to meet and greet this new canvas and figure out what is it all about.  As I use the pure colors of the rainbow, and believe that the body is an energy field with chakras that need to be nourished, so my paintings mean to provide healing, recharging if you wish, effect.


Internet Hollywood: Are you on a quest to open up your own gallery or do you have other plans?


Irina: I would like to work with existing galleries in the US and abroad and show my art there. IG MODA by Irina Gorbman, Inc. is my brand for the fashion. Company’s objective is to build an independent brand of wearable art activewear based on Irina’s unique design and sell these products through website, directly to sports/gym companies, dance companies, pilates/yoga studios, spiritual centers and selected boutiques.  We also welcome collaborations with larger brands and opportunities to make exclusive designs for them.


Internet Hollywood: When did your love for fashion become an effort to build a brand of your own and how hard was it for you to learn how to design clothing?


Irina: My path to fashion is unusual, I was pulled into fashion, when a fashion show organizer saw my wearable art fabrics that I meant to offer to other designers. He encouraged me to step in and create a runway collection. So being a mechanical engineer in my heart (partly), I decided to merge my vibrant happy patterns with the technology available for print over outfits. As an artist and a culture ambassador, an idea of Ballerina collection, inspired by Swan Lake ballet I saw at Bolshoi as a child, was envisioned.

Dressing ballet dancers at Koltun Ballet Boston (Watertown, MA). Photo Credit: Brook Tressolini

Internet Hollywood: On your website, you mentioned “My art is my ground, my home base, the most truthful representation of who I am. And my design work is a derivative of my art.” Do you feel there is ever going to be a time in a future where art gets put to the side and something else replaces it?


Irina: I believe it wouldn’t happen because I feel more connected and alive when I create art. It feels like transmitting energies that no-one sees and everyone enjoys. It’s a privilege to work for people and hear their feedback and testimonials:

There is such an optimistic, happy feeling, and I see water, trees, mountains, and caves everywhere. Your works are live, they talk and breathe, they are very kind.
Susan A., Massachusetts


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything or have anything planned at the moment?


Irina: Yes, I was invited to do an Art and Fashion Show in downtown Boston in July (stay tuned for the details) and I’m creating new collections for the runways in Fall.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the goals you are hoping to fulfill this year and where do you hope to see yourself around this time next year?


Irina: I wish to sell my outfits via larger companies that focus on well-being, such as Lifetime Fitness and Equanox and more boutique-oriented retailers. I have facilities to scale limited-design outfits to mass production. Hope to speak to large companies and hear their wish list and learn about their priorities. I believe that I can be useful for them.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Irina! Keep up the amazing work!


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Alchemy, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches, 2017 by Irina Gorbman


Silence, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2016 by Irina Gorbman
VOGE Fashion Runway at W Hotel, February 2017. Photo Credit: Robert Bertone


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