Arturo Velasquez of Imagix Studio discuss photography, learning how to use a camera, designing graphics, sketching, upcoming projects, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts photographer Arturo Velasquez of Imagix Studio shared a lot in an interview we finished last week over FB messenger. I invited the talented photographer to do an interview with me in late April and sent the questions at the beginning of May after she accepted. Velasquez has been on my list for a while and I felt the need to interview her since I haven’t before. I definitely enjoyed learning about her background and I hope you do as well once you read this, enjoy!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Arturo Velasquez*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Arturo! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I appreciate you giving me some of your time to send some questions for you to answer. It has definitely been a busy an educational week for me and I look forward to learning more about photography chatting with you. When did your love for photography begin and what made you choose the name Imagix Studio?


Arturo: I’ve always painted and drawn from my imagination since childhood, so I took to digital photography and digital art quite quickly when the software became available. It gave me an opportunity to expand my artistic skills and allowed me to create whatever I wanted which is so much fun! My beautiful wife Gloria and I decided to create a Creative Media Agency together and we came up with Imagix Studio, a blend of the words Imagine and Magic.


Internet Hollywood: How would you describe the experience when you were learning how to use a camera?

Arturo: Was it difficult? I liken it to learning to drive a car that has manual transmission, at first it’s frustrating that there’s so many “levers and pedals” but once you start understanding how to use them in unison I think every photographer has that “ah ha!” moment when it all made sense and you made that camera do what you wanted.


Internet Hollywood: You are very artistic when you get into graphics and sketching. When did graphics become apart of your life and was it something you did before you started sketching or after?


Arturo: Sketching or doodling is something I always do whether I’m working on a project or out at a restaurant. I can’t help it. I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at The New England School of Art & Design where I really thrived on the competitive nature of coming up with something new and creative every day to show in class.


Internet Hollywood: I absolutely love the photos you have of the well-furnished houses on your Imagix Studio page. You calculate your shots very well and it shows. Do you feel your best shots come from an emotion within or do you freestyle the photoshoots you do and pick which ones you think look the best?


Arturo: I think every photographer wants to only show his or her best work, and luckily so much can be done in post-production to get that original image just the way we envision it. I like to picture the image I want in my mind in great detail, and then I start shooting the different pieces of the puzzle that make up the final artwork.


Internet Hollywood: What is currently the main goals you wish to accomplish now to further your career?


Arturo: Our first goal was to be able to work in what we love full time and we have accomplished that dream, we like the concept of creating creative themed restaurants and commercial spaces, we learned so much creating the Cuban and Caribbean restaurant Doña Habana and La Fabrica restaurants where we created a themed space with beautiful murals and used 3D renderings sto show owners and architect what the space could look like before spending money on contstruction, and now we hope to add more talented team members to our company that have the same passion as we do so that Imagix can grow even larger.

Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on any projects at the moment?


Arturo: We are working on ideas for a “Day of the Dead” themed Mexican Restaurant for a client which I can’t wait to start!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; where are you hoping your journey to fulfill your goals take you around this time next year and what happens if things doesn’t go like you imagined? Is there a plan b?


Arturo: Every year Imagix has grown steadily, and so has our skill level and experience. Thanks to our clientele there’s always something new to learn and create for them. We both like to plan everything ahead, but we also realized that we also have to be flexible because God has his own road he wants you to travel.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Arturo!


~*~*Thank You For Reading*~*~


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