Ashley Hale Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Her Stripper Appearance In STARZ Series ‘POWER’

ash 1Internet Hollywood model Ashley Hale is a dazzling star shining through her dreams with a very unique gift. Her ability to bring out an amazing pose for a photo shoot fulfills the creative piece to an artistic puzzle. It isn’t hard to find yourself stunned at how remarkable she is. Her beautiful face symbolizes the golden gift of heaven glowing from the inside of her warm passionate heart. Who could not fall  for this scrumptious little firefly? An Internet Hollywood reporter caught up with Ashley Hale to get the scoop on her role in POWER. The model seemed very sweet and real open with the deals, saying she played a role as a stripper partying with Tony Ramos:

Reporter: Ashley Hale words couldn’t describe how absolutely gorgeous you are. It’s clear your face is made for greatness. I’ve noticed you were casted in season one of Power on Starz. How would you describe that experience. Did you meet any big actors personally?

Hale: Power” Yes. great show! I am lucky to say I’ve gotten to work on. For “power” my role was of an stripper in the nightclub that was having a party for the head leader of the gang actor tony Ramos plays. I sat right next to him and landed my feature on the show. It was a lot of fun doing that scene since I really had to give a reaction. So it was great experience and a huge opportunity for me.

Reporter: Was 50 cent anywhere around while the scene was being shot? If not, how would you have reacted if you bumped into him on set?

Hale: He does frequent the sets as he does act on the show. But the day I was shooting he was not present. I would act professional and say hello.

 The model also thanked Prince Vega for accepting her submission, adding that she is really excited. Ashley is the newest model to be accepted inside the Internet Hollywood universe. She is the newest celebrity that we take honor in representing in our digital world! It is no surprise to expect bigger things coming out of Ashley’s journey as a Internet Hollywood celebrity. She possess all there is to have in being the perfect model & actress. We look forward to helping the model expand internationally! The amazing featured image of Ashley Hale was took by Connor Portraits. As soon as we found out who took the picture above we’ll let you know.

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