Ashley Naomi: the beautiful new face that will appear at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party In Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Model Ashley Naomi will be one of the pretty new faces that will be lighting up Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT next Saturday. The model confirmed that she will be appearing early last month during one of our first few conversations. The model showed a strong interest in getting published in Internet Hollywood and I definitely put the effort into making that happen for her.


So what makes Ashley Naomi someone worth recognizing at an Internet Hollywood event? Fresh and new faces provides brand new stories that could influence everyones perspective on how things should be in Internet Hollywood. For example, model Alexa K. Pierce was the one that talked me into writing my first news story on a male model. I’m not saying I was anti-male models or anything. I just didn’t know male models at the time. Haha. Shortly after me and Pierce conversation, I stumbled across male model Austin Lee Ielpi and published a story about him.


After speaking with Naomi I’m pretty convinced she will be a positive influence as she grows into the model she wants to be. She seamed very excited and willing to put herself to the challenge and take on her goals to the fullest extent. That’s definitely the kind of young and positive energy that’s needed to fulfill the drive that’s needed to conqueror her goals.


I look forward to seeing how Noami takes on the cameras at her first Internet Hollywood party. I’m sure she will do a great job and connect with dozens of new people she haven’t connected with before!


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Ashley Naomi: Instagram

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