Ashley Nicole Aims To Turn Heads At The Internet Hollywood Party, Discuss Her Wardrobe, Foods & More!

Coming  Up – Internet Hollywood has been seeing a huge increase in numbers ever since Arlene Diaries came to an end on February 14th. The diary records all of Internet Hollywood’s most memorable moments in the previous years and stores them in our ‘Arlene Diaries’ column that keeps all of our history. Potential nominees are also selected and awards are letter given out as rewards for their accomplishment.


Those talented individuals may also share something in common with one of our gorgeous new models from the state of Connecticut name Ashley Nicole. Nicole is 26-year-old model who has been taking on her dreams of becoming a model with a passion. She continues to carry herself with a positive attitude and a brilliant talent that will soon be noticed by all.


After finding out the model was also attending the Internet Hollywood party I just had to get an interview with her. We talked about her possible selection for a wardrobe, music, her food recommendations and more.


Internet Hollywood: Hey Ashley Nicole! I wanted to congratulate you on becoming one of Internet Hollywood’s newest sensations. I’m sure you have been seeing a lot of the stories floating around online. What do you think about the way Internet Hollywood has been functioning? Does it seem pretty exciting at all?

Nicole: I am very excited to be a part of Internet Hollywood. I do love the articles and to see the progress of the ladies and gentleman who started out where I am today and even more so, to think that I may reach their heights myself someday. Thank you for inviting me to take part in this new step on my adventure.
Internet Hollywood News: You’re absolutely welcome. That’s so refreshing to hear. Now I noticed you were also going to the Internet Hollywood party! I can’t wait to see you there. Have you decided what you are going to wear?
Nicole: Not just yet I haven’t. however my main objective is to walk in to that party and have heads turn like a merry-go-round…lol. I’m aiming for sexy and flirty, but gotta be able to breathe so I can have some fun on the dance floor. I’m mainly excited to meet new sensations and to just have a grand time.
Internet Hollywood News: LOL. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to do much to get heads to turn being the attractive woman that you are. Who will you be bringing to the event with you?
Nicole: Ill be bringing my boyfriend Zach to the party, we can’t wait for this event and to be able to share it together However its my mother who is my,biggest supporter …although she wont be attending the party with me shes still my best friend and biggest fan. I hope that she will be able to attend the next party when it comes around .
Internet Hollywood News: That’s so beautiful. Just knowing that moments like this is enough to cherish with those you love makes this night even more memorable. I’m glad he supported your modeling career. Great job Zachariah! Is there any other Internet Hollywood sensation you hope to see at the event?



Nicole: Honestly, I don’t know many other Hollywood sensations..but that’s one of the many reasons why I’m so excited to be attending this event. I get to meet so many new models and photographers, I’m sure its going to be amazing..and just a few weeks after my birthday too! I cant wait.

Internet Hollywood News: That’s very brave and passionate of you. There is truly no barrier to the will of doing things ourself to succeed. We just have to believe in it. What kind of music would you like to hear at the party? What is the perfect music to your ears for a party genre-wise?
Nicole: Oh boy, well I do enjoy my hip hop and some r&b. It really depends on the atmosphere because I go dancing on a regular. My usual dance location is locally found in Southington, CT. Cadillac Ranch is my dance zone. My mother introduced me to country music as a young girl and then really fell in love with it when I was bartending at another country club in Wolcott. I cant help but put my radio on blast when I hear some Tim McGraw, Rascall Flatts, Sam Hunt and many, many more! However, I cant wait to tear it up on the dance floor at the party. Dancing is a great way to interact with others.
Internet Hollywood News: It looks good to see your music roots run deep. Country could really put the mind to work sometimes. Here’s my last question: If Internet Hollywood serves food at the party what kind of food should it be?
Nicole: Is my mother catering? lol. But seriously I don’t want it to seem wrong but the old saying goes “I’m a fat kid at heart.” I love food and thats one thing that surprises a lot of people. I have a very healthy and large appetite. I’m always up to try new nibbles ..but if I have my choice …a nice thin brick oven pizza will do the trick. Preferably pineapple and ham.
Internet Hollywood: Pineapples sounds really good about now. Lol. What are some of the most important things to remember to avoid scams when pursuing a career as a model?
Nicole: Ohhh that is a very good question to ask …and I’m glad to say that I have my ways. If I am asked to shoot with a photographer I do some research first. I ask other mutual friends of the photographer ..I also converse with other models who have had experience with the person in question and lastly, never go alone. I always have someone there for a second opinion or a helping hand. That’s where my mom comes in handy. She’s my biggest supporter and acts like a manager. lol. She advises me in what sounds right and what I should avoid. She’s helped me quite a bit these past 7 months. Love you mom.
Internet Hollywood: Has there ever been a photo shoot that was so difficult you couldn’t do it?
Nicole: There was one shoot I attended where the photographer wasn’t prepared at all once I arrived, camera was plugged in on the floor, the lights weren’t even up, the entire studio was all over the place. After almost 2 hours of chit chat we finally got started shooting. It got a little difficult because I walked in to this shoot expecting it to be like all my others …with the photographer knowing what they wanted to shoot and to direct me. After another bit of time I started to get frustrated after this photographer asked me. “Do you know what your doing?” I was so enraged and frustrated I almost walked out …however ..I decided against leaving as I am not a quitter. I knew the outcome of the photos was going to be well worth my aggravation. It was lesson well learned and apparently quite common. Lesson of the day, communicate with whom your planning on working with and stick with your gut instinct. Hopefully this will help save some models from the hassle of a bad planned shoot .
Internet Hollywood: Nicole thanks for the interview. Internet Hollywood is really happy to have you. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers before we end this interview
Nicole: Thank you so much for the interview and this chance to be an Internet Hollywood sensation. I really hope that the party brings lots of new open doors and new friendships. I hope that I can help inspire other young beautiful people to chase their dreams of either going pro or just helping to boost their confidence. It’s not easy but i can say that it will be well worth your hard work and efforts. don’t get discouraged  and keep your head high and your spirits alive and you never know just where you will end up. Internet Hollywood thank you.
~*~*The End*~*~
Photograph by Jeffrey Allen Photo
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