Ashley Nicole, Austin Lee Ielpi, Isabel Vinson, Melissa, Constantine and Justine Frazier takes a selfie at the Internet Hollywood Party

Internet Hollywood News – The Internet Hollywood party was something to remember as talented people from all over New England came together for our first party of the year. The semiprivate media/networking event successfully connected people of all talent together to help them gain more connections to build their careers with others who are willing to help. This event also connected published Internet Hollywood sensations who have known each other for years. Which will explain why pictures like these are now being from to me from the party.


In this picture, model Austin Lee Ielpi (far-left), Constantine Photos (behind Austin), Isabel Vinson (middle), Melissa of MCM Photography (behind Isabel left shoulder) and Isabel Vinson’s best friend Justine Frazier. Although Frazier is not a published sensation, the Makeup artist roots through Internet Hollywood will always be thick because of her connection with Isabel Vinson. The model confessed to me that Frazier is a sweet and “real” human being that has saved her life on numerous occasions. One thing Internet Hollywood loves is hero!


Austin was pretty much all over the place before and after my arrival to the party. As soon as I arrived he immediately came and offered to assist me with whatever I needed if I wanted any help. He was extremely friendly, fun, filled with love and positive energy. My mom really loved him. She always talks about how incredibly sweet and fun he was at the party.


Constantine Photos was the eye behind the camera that made sure he caught everything moving. This time I’m happy Ashley Nicole was able to catch him in front of the camera instead of behind it. Constantine is becoming a very popular photographer in Internet Hollywood. We are predicting  that dozens of articles will be written about his work at the party through the remaining of the month.


Isabel Vinson’s life of the party attitude has got her published in four stories already this week. The model now has a total of 43 stories and is currently the most published Internet Hollywood sensation in Internet Hollywood. She kept everyone entertained, happy, excited and open for conversations with comfortable conversations with new people. Before Prince Vega arrival, she kept everything balanced and in place while I was gone. Words doesn’t describe how my life would be without this beautiful person.


Melissa of MCM Photography wasn’t too deep into taking pictures for the night. From what I’ve seen, she mostly took selfies with her co-sensations and long time friends through the night. I’m not saying that she didn’t take any photos, I’m just assuming she hasn’t done many of them from what I saw. But her presence was felt and her help was there if ever I needed and me and my family adores her so much for it. She is one of the biggest reasons this party was able to happen this early in the year. She has been published in Internet Hollywood ten times. That number will increase gradually as this month comes to an end.


Ashley Nicole is a beautiful soul that believes in Internet Hollywood and shows all the support she can to prove it. She was also one of the most active people inside of the party and it shows in the pictures that are being released. I honestly believe her and Isabel may have been in the most pictures that night. That will be determined as I find them all through the remaining of the week.


I thank all of these beautiful and supportive people for coming out and I hope to see at our next event in late July!



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