Like Mother, Like Daughter: Model Ashley Nicole and her mother gets matching tattoos for Mother’s Day

Social Media & Video (IH) – The love is definitely in the air for Mother’s Day and dozens of sensations in Internet Hollywood have been celebrating with their mothers. I couldn’t happen but notice all the beautiful updates from talented people all over the Internet with pictures of their families to celebrate. One of the people that kicked it off a little earlier was Connecticut model Ashley Nicole.


Ashley Nicole did things a little different for her mother this year and I have to say it was a flawless idea! The model fulfilled her two-year idea and paid for her and her beautiful mother to get matching tattoos at Superior Lines in Torrington, CT. The tattoo shows dark words coming out of the trunk of a sitting elephant. The words said “Like Mother” on Nicole’s arm and “Like Daughter” on her Mother’s arm. In my opinion, it was one of the best ideas I have seen for Mother’s day.


When I got in contact with Nicole to find out more she opened up and filled me with all the information I needed. She told me the meaning behind the tattoo symbolizes them being two individuals with so much alike. She said watching her mother get a tattoo hit a sweet spot because they both are incredibly close. She also told me she  loved it so much to see her smile when it was all done. We found out about the picture soon after it was published on her social media page.


You could check out the rest of the beautiful pictures by scrolling down!


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(From May 14 to May 21  Mother’s Day will the Internet Hollywood’s topic of the week)

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