Ashley’s Amazing Transformation Becomes Hot Topic on Internet Hollywood Radio on Dec. 26th


Prince Vega – On December 26th Ashley’s super cool transformation for Halloween will be a leading story alongside a few others on Internet Hollywood Radio. The gorgeous model caught the attention of our representatives after one of our reporters discovered the blossoming new model covered in face paint for her super cool Joker costume. Although we are little late we decided to share the awesome costume to show you all how it is really done!


ashley new 11Model Ashley is a new celebrity in Internet Hollywood that officially made her debut as a superstar on October 10th. Her gorgeous smile has found its way into our hearts and that has given her a huge advantage against models that lack the social skills to match their beautiful faces. Without a doubt we are certain Ashley’s role in Internet Hollywood will earn her a award in the near future. She has a heartwarming smile on a face that’ll make any photographer want to book shoots with her. I’m sure you are seeing now why we are making such a big deal of a Halloween photo when it is almost Christmas!


This gorgeous Massachusetts goddess is by far one of the hottest new celebrities we have came by this far. She has jaw dropping features that’ll capture the attention of any admirer almost instantly. As a matter of fact, her beauty is so desirable she reportedly won 9 out of 13 committee votes during her review before being accepted as Internet Hollywood superstar. You can look forward to her name being apart of a very important discussion on Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th!


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th at 8pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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