Aspiring Model Angie is feeling IH Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’: “I understand the story your telling ! Keep it going Prince”

Feedback / Vega – An aspiring model from the state of Connecticut named Angie decided to drop by and show love to Internet Hollywood Vega’s new music single ‘Born Again’ that was released on Youtube. Check out her comment:


“I like how the beat dropped in the middle 💯 I understand the story your telling ! Keep it going Prince 😘”


The mixtape is set to be released in the month of November after a couple of the songs are made public through all of our platforms. There is also a music video that will soon be in the works as well.


Angie is a face that will become familiar to a lot of our readers as she continues on her path to developing her career as an independent model. I will be following her story and updating everyone on all of her achievements as she continues her quest to conquer her newly set goals!



~*Check Out The Song*~

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