Aspiring model Jackiee Love begins her modeling journey, talks modeling, getting into dancing, doing photo shoots, and more!

Beyond The Lens (New Faces) – A beautiful female from the state of Massachuetts named Jackiee Love has opened up her mind to the idea of pursuing her goal to become a model and now she has begun taking the the steps to make that happened. She is now currently in the process of developing the right connections to do photo shoots, fashion shows, clothing and more.


I had the great pleasure in speaking with her to learn more of her interest and how she would like to develop her career before giving her some of my thoughts, opinions, and solutions. Shortly after, we set up a small interview and discussed her background story and her experiences, the connections she hopes to establish, photo shoots she would like to do, her plan b, and more.


I had a really fun time learning about Jackiee Lovee and I do plan writing about her a lot more in the future. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jackiee Love*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Jackie?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s always a pleasure chatting with new faces with so much potential like you. I have been on a quest to learn about you for a while now and now that the time is here I don’t plan on wasting on it. Before we continue, I would like for you to answer one of our very common questions that’s asked to people we interview for the first time; where are you from, what do you do, and what inspired you to want to begin a career in modeling?


Jackie: my name is Jackie Love, I’m from Boston and I’m a model. I was inspired by one of my good friends’ rajah to begin my career in modeling because I love taking pictures but never had the gut to take it further due to my insecurities, but when I saw her modeling she kinda gave me confidence. Just to see someone my size fully comfortable with themselves made me love myself.


Internet Hollywood: One thing I learned about you is how you tend to be flexible with your talent and open to trying new things. This only leaves me to believe that modeling isn’t the only thing you plan on doing. What other things you do that you would like to turn into a career?


Jackie: I would like to turn my dancing into a career also because I love to dance. I’ve been dancing since I was about 10yrs old.


Internet Hollywood: Dancing seems to also be something that runs deep into your blood as well. What made you want to get into dancing and is do you wish to bring that side of you out more as you develop your brand?


Jackie: My dad was dj and he used to take me to his gigs (birthday parties, wedding, etc.) And kids would be dancing and I remember telling my dad I wanted to learn the dance the kids were doing and he was like “learn how to do it, look it up” so I started looking up dance moves on Youtube and taught myself how to dance. As I develop my brand I do hope to bring more dancing because its a part of me and I dance almost everywhere I go.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to doing with photographers and is there a line you wouldn’t cross when it comes to modeling in photo shoots?


Jackie: I’m open to any style of photoshoots from fashion, swimsuits to lingerie. I honestly don’t know, I haven’t yet felt uncomfortable about a photoshoot.


Internet Hollywood: You decided to choose the name Jackie Love for modeling. Where did the origin of that name come from?


Jackie: There’s actually a funny story behind the name. This dude approach me n my girls while we were walking he looked creepy and all that so we all gave him a fake name n mind just happened to be Jackiee, and I added lovee cause I’m a loving, fun, caring person and once you meet me you’ll love me.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of connections are you hoping to gain in your modeling journey and what are you hoping to change in your life from all of the hard work you plan on putting into modeling?


Jackie: I’m hoping to gain professional photographers and models connections. I hope I can inspire other petite girls to model and love themselves.


Internet Hollywood: How long do you plan on chasing after your goals now that you finally decided to pursue it and is there plan b if you feel unsatisfied with the results you getting from trying?


Jackie: I plan on chasing this goal for as long as I can. If anything happens ima start my own clothing line.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Jackiee. I look forward to following your journey as an independent model and seeing where it leads to!



~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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