Aspiring model Maria Tianaa begins her independent modeling journey, does she have what it takes?

Aspiring Models – One beautiful 24-year-old girl from the state of Massachusetts is giving freelance modeling a shot for the very first time and we plan on following her journey every step of the way. New Yorker Maria Tianaa is an independent mother that has made up her mind on the next steps she plans to take to build an empire of her own. She decided to pursue modeling after I got in contact with her through one of her social media pages to discuss the chances of possibly modeling to make a career out of it. She seemed into the idea and have invested a lot of time in it ever since.


Through casual conversations, I have learned a thing or two about Tianaa’s state of being and it has made me more interested in working with her. I offered to help guide her in the right direction to establish her base and expand her connection in the fields she wishes to pursue and she has been connecting with people ever since she started. She is already in the process of setting up photo shoots, doing her first interview with us, recording radio drops, and a lot more. She is also being considered for an actress role in some of Internet Hollywood’s short films and music videos.


She just set up a new Instagram and Facebook strictly for her career path and has engaged in many conversations in a short amount of time with some very talented photographers, designers, makeup artists, models, musicians, and more. Her tour into a new circle makes me question how far would her journey take her and where she’ll end up in the process. She has a very open mind to discussions and openly expresses her way of viewing things and her energy always seems to remain positive. This makes me put my bets on Maria’s success and my only hope is she prevails through the doors of destiny with an iron fist. We will have to wait and see.


Maria has yet to do a photo shoot but as time passes us by we will notice her glow through our news feeds as she proceeds to get photo shoots and fulfill other endeavors in the future. She has a strong mind that’s built on principle and her strength inside will create the perfect combination inside of her self-drive to go farther…and win. I’m ready to see what happens in Maria’s journey, are you?


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