Aspiring Model Nyasia Milãn discusses giving birth at 16, starting to model, what inspired her, photo shoots, and more!

Beyond The Lens (new faces): A gorgeous female from the state of New York named Nyasia Milãn is ready to take the steps to begin her independent modeling journey. The beautiful native from Rochester, New York filled me in on her vision and gave me the inside scoop on her past life, experiences, goals, photo shoots, and more.  It was a whole lot of information that she didn’t bother sharing and I was happy to be the one to share her story.


I have been in talks with Nyasia for a little while now and I also made her apart of my sales-marketing team. She has very great social skills and reacts quickly when she sets her mind on something that she wants to do. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Nyasia Milãn*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello Nyasia! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I’m excited to do this interview since its the very first interview we’ve done together I’m looking forward to reading your responses to the questions I got written for you. Could you give us the background story on who you are, where you from, and what kind of career do you wish to pursue?


Nyasia: I’m very funny, laid back and down to earth. I had first born when I was 16, I’m from Rochester, NY and I’m a model but I’m also working becoming a celebrity model.


Internet Hollywood: Normally I dig into the root of the motivational source that inspires them to act to see the change they which to see in their lives. What made you want to get involved with modeling and what do you hope to gain while pursuing your goal as a model?


Nyasia: Since I was 10 I’ve been wanting to become a model but ever since I had my baby I kind of pushed me back but that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I truly love, I’m looking to gain other people’s perspective, just because you have a kid or kids doesn’t mean your dreams stop there that just shows your children that you can do or become whatever you want.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to doing when you’re collaborating with photographers?


Nyasia: Casual 90’s and basically different also out the box what no one ever since before.


Internet Hollywood: Are you hoping to sign to an agency in the future or do you want to remain independent for now?


Nyasia: Well right now I’m looking to be independent but in the future, I’m also open into signing to an important agency


Internet Hollywood: What made you come up with the name Nyasia Milãn?


Nyasia: Well my first name is Nyasia but Milãn I just thought of because I would love to travel there and my biggest model I adores name Winnie Harlow agency is in Milãn


Internet Hollywood: Do you also plan on branching out into other things besides modeling as you establish yourself more into the modeling field or is that the only thing you want to do as of now?


Nyasia: I was thinking about getting into fashion but as of right I’m working on modeling


Internet Hollywood: What kind of people are you hoping to connect with as you continue to build yourself up independently and what are all of the things you are hoping to accomplish in upcoming months?


Nyasia: I’m looking into connecting with Winnie Harlow because she’s so strong and her personality is so beautiful but I’m so looking to accomplish my goals of letting everyone know that life is to short to just sit back and not to pursue what you love.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Nyasia!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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