Aspiring model Rebecca Rozayy discusses building her portfolio, photo shoots shes into, who inspired her, her goals, and more

Beyond The Lens – Aspiring Massachusetts model Rebecca Rozayyy didn’t mind giving me the inside scoop on everything going on in her modeling career. Rebecca kicked off her independent journey and is now working on solidifying her portfolio and expanding her brand. I had the pleasure in chatting with the independent model for the very first time and I sent her a couple of questions to answer after she accepted my interview on messenger. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Rebecca Rozayy*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Rebecca! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. This is definitely an exciting moment for the both of us since it’s our very first interview together. I look forward to seeing your answers to the questions I have set up for you. But before we begin, could you give our readers the background story on who you are, where you from, and what you do?


Rebecca: So I’m going to start off by saying that my real name is actually Rosalynn! I came up with the alter ego “Rebecca” when I was in front of the camera I’m more alive, a whole different person as I would say. I was born and raised in the city of Lynn, mass. I am a full time mommy and an Aspiring model .


Internet Hollywood: What was the spark that lit the fuel to your motivation that made you want to pursue modeling out as a career goal, and is there things you want to do other than modeling somewhere down the line in future?


Rebecca: Yomo Perez (Styled by Yomo) was my number one motivation to even look into the world of modeling! I started off with a mini photo shoot with some things from her boutique and I also did my first Runway Fashion Show with her! Once I was in front of the camera it was something I felt I just needed and wanted to do and I felt like with work I can get to be something! My mindset with modeling is like a ladder I hope to one day be with an agency and build up to having my very own agency !


Internet Hollywood: Now that you started your journey as an independent model what goals do you currently have set up to get you to that next stage?


Rebecca: My number one goal right now is to build a portfolio with all kinds of photoshoots that are beyond creative. I’m also looking for someone to manage me. Help me book stylist, make-up artists, hair, the works. As I get bigger I want to do more fashion shows, Runway modeling, and fashion photo shoots


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to do with photographers and is there a line you don’t cross when it comes to modeling in photo shoots?


Rebecca: Honestly, I’m open to anything except being fully naked. I’m very open-minded and have a creative mind. You shoot me the idea and I’m more than likely to say “Let’s doooo iiitt!”


Internet Hollywood: Do you have any worries or fears while you take on your goal to establish yourself as a new model?


Rebecca: I really don’t have no worries or fears. I came into this with a strong head and lots of confidence. I’m open to constructive criticism and ways to make myself better.


Internet Hollywood: Are you aiming to be signed to an agency or are you planning on staying independent?


Rebecca: I am aiming to be signed to an agency one day in my future but if I end up being a successful independent model I’m for that too!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Are you currently working on anything now that you would like everyone to look out for in the future?


Rebecca: So right now I’m in the works of doing a holiday Christmas photo shoot. I’m also planning a few photo shoots that will have some minds blown just wait for it keep an eye of for Rebecca Rozayy!


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