Aspiring Model Sarijana Joins The Massachusetts Branch Of The Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – Sarijana just found a home in Vaughka’s new Internet Hollywood Party & Promo team after accepting an invitation to join last week. The aspiring model was selected to be apart of the new team along with many others to help fill an excellent cross promotion team that helps upcoming talent get better recognition while building their portfolios, connecting with others, attending cool events, trying out different fields, and more. Sarijana was selected to be apart of Vaughka’s Massachusetts branch that is already home to many names that are excited to actively engage in the new team for all positive reasons. Each team operates according to the yearly cycle that leads to the Internet Hollywood Awards, and all of their latest news, projects, announcements, other updates are updated on and all of the Internet Hollywood platforms, including Vaughka’s personal pages. The team is currently in full effect and everyone will begin to notice the difference on how it all works starting the beginning of next week. Congratulations Sarijana!


This story was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood




Sarijana: Instagram

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