Aspiring NY Model Nyasia Milãn begins her modeling journey, joins IH Vega’s Internet Hollywood team

Models – The name Nyasia Milãn is new to many readers that spend a lot of their time checking out the stories I have written in the past. The aspiring New York model received her very first publication on my website late last month when she participated in our Topic Of The Week discussion Halloween. But the inside scoop on her holiday plans wasn’t the only thing brewing in her home of Rochester, New York. She had way bigger fish to fry


Nyasia’s decision to model isn’t something I would say came as a surprise but the thought of it excites me because of the huge amount of potential she has. You could tell by the selfies she takes through the lens of her phone cameras that she would put on quite the pose inside of a real photo shoot. She doesn’t strike me as someone that’s camera shy and she’s very open-minded to many themes for photo shoots and has a very interesting taste in 90’s clothing. The combination would make the experience of a photo shoot even more fun to do and interesting to see.


But that isn’t the only thing that Nyasia has going on for herself. She just recently became one of the newest members of Internet Hollywood sales & marketing team. She will be playing a helping hand in promotions and will be playing a key role in many things involving Internet Hollywood like radio, clothing, reporting, short films, and more. She is also in the process of setting up her very first photo shoot.


This is only a piece of a very big cake and everyone will soon get a taste of what it will be like seeing Nyasia Milãn in action. I’m ready for her story, are you?




 Nyasia Milãn: Instagram

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