Aspiring Singer Janesa and her family throws down for Thanksgiving; cooks green bean casserole, caramel snickers apple pie, and more!

Topic of the Month (Thanksgiving) – So far I have been discovering many new dishes while finding out what everyone’s been doing over the holiday and what kind of foods they had during their Thanksgiving celebration. So far it has brought me on a journey through the American life of home cooked traditional meals and family gatherings. Another person that didn’t mind filling me in was aspiring singer Janesa.


I got in touch with Janesa over messenger after seeing some pictures of the food they were serving while browsing my wall on Facebook. I asked if I could share the pictures on our website and she sure. She also gave me the inside story on what they served, who did the cooking, and who joined them on the night of Thanksgiving.


“My mom cooked most of the food. Chorizo stuffing, cornbread casserole, mashed potatoes, Cesar salad, with her home made Cesar dressing dressing. MY grandmother made the green bean casserole, my aunt made the stuffed mushrooms. I made a caramel snickers apple pie, and my mom made the turkey.”


She continued:


“I celebrated with my mom her husband, my fiance our 2 daughters, my aunt her boyfriend, my grandmother, my 2 cousins and my cousins pregnant girlfriend and her son. It was awesome. The food was delicious. We drank wine and played tabu.”


I also got a couple of pictures to share from their awesome Thanksgiving dinner. These photos were also shared on her social media pages!


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