Aspiring Singer Rae Alison believes her apartment is haunted, talks hearing weird sounds, haunted experiences, horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Aspiring singer Rae Allison took on our 5-holiday questions over the weekend and gave us the inside scoop on all of her holiday plans, favorite horror movies, haunted experiences and more. I got in touch with her over FB messenger and asked if she would like to answer the questions I had and she said yes. Check out the short interview below and don’t forget to follow her page! 🙂

~*~*Topic of the Week – Halloween /w Rae Alison*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Rae?! The holiday season is here and so much planning has been going on in a lot of New England areas by many people who enjoy celebrating Halloween. What are your plans for the holiday?


Rae: I’m going to be doing so much shopping, and I might make some homemade gifts too. Also, lots of family and friends time!! This is my favorite time of the year.


Internet Hollywood: Will you be doing any dressing up at all? Who would you love to see yourself as when you look in the mirror on Halloween?


Rae: I’m not sure about dressing up but I will definitely be handing out candy! I dressed up as Hannah Montana when i was 15 for Halloween… If I looked in the mirror and looked like Miley Cyrus, my life would be made!!


Internet Hollywood: One thing I have been asking everyone about is their past experiences and spooky moments they had in their life. I’m sure as kids we all had some kind of story to tell. LOL. Have you ever had a haunted experience?


Rae:  I am almost 100% sure my apartment is haunted. I live there alone, and I hear weird sounds ALL the time. There was one night I heard a knock on my door at 3:00 am, I went to answer the door, and there was no one there. I slept with the lights on for the rest of the night LOL


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite movies to watch and favorite candy to eat around this time of year?


Rae: It’s October, so scary movies are a must! My favorite at the moment is “Dont Breathe”. For Christmas, you already know “Elf” is a must!! I would have to say Haribo gummies are my favorite candy any time of the year.

Internet Hollywood: two more, what horror movie character were you afraid of growing up and is there a horror movie that you wouldn’t watch because it was too scary?


Rae: There are absolutely no horror movies I wont watch! I used to be terrified and now i love them. I was always TERRIFIED of the Scream mask. I think Scream was the first horror movie I have ever watched.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the Halloween interview, Rae! 




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