Auda Mars Brings The ‘War Outside’ In New Music Video Feat. Big Mach, Marvalyss & 12 Rounz


Prince VegaAuda Mars is bringing the “war” and All Around Filmz has it all captured on camera. The hard hitting street anthem that features multiple artists from Connecticut is finally being published in Internet Hollywood and the publication is well deserved.


The track off  Big Mach’s ‘Before I Die‘ mix-tape has been out for nearly two weeks and still holds the same energy it has when it was released. Auda Mars isn’t a familiar name to Internet Hollywood but we are certain it soon will be. The percentage of new published artists in our digital universe has increased gradually over the last few months after the creation of our two news columns “Everything CT” and “Mayhem Musik”.


Since its creation Big Mach has made front page news on Internet Hollywood eight times in the last two years and All Around Filmz shares just as much credit in the publications for his amazing work. Marvalyss has been mentioned in one past article when he was booked to perform at Sully’s Pub July 9th. This is Auda Mars first time being published on Internet Hollywood!


12 Rounz has never received a publication on Internet Hollywood because he’s just entering our circuit alongside dozens of other buzzing artists growing independently. He recently took over our front page with his own banner for his album “Heavy” which was released last month.


You can check out All Around Filmz in action by clicking the video attached on the bottom. We ask that you show all these amazing artists support by sharing this link to everyone you know! This video also includes members of Swoop Nation.

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