Auda Mars discuss his love for music, co-hosting CT Fashion Week in October, where his name originated from, upcoming projects and more!








Beyond The Lens (Music) – It’s been one exciting weekend for us here at Internet Hollywood and it still hasn’t slowed down for us yet. We caught up with a known artist thats coming up from the state of Connecticut name Auda Mars. Auda Mars has done a great deal of things in the underground music scene in Connecticut so I thought it would be cool to bring light to his work in this interview. Enjoy!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Auda Mars*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s good Auda Mars? Your officially cashing in on your first interview for so congratulations. I’m looking forward to receiving your answers to our questions!


Mars: First things First, thank you Internet Hollywood for taking the time out too interview me. I see you moving constantly yourself. Connecticut we need multiple platforms.”


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for noticing. You are very welcome. We try to do the best we can. Now back to you. Haha. What is it about music that makes you feel like its something you need to do versus something else that guarantees your success in the long run?


Mars: “I feel through everything in my life so far. Music is my time-line presented in artistic expression. The Competitive nature too create @ vision gave me the feeling I need too do this.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of your influences?


Mars: Rakim, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, Red Rat, Cam’ron. too name a few.


Internet Hollywood: What incites your mind and empowers you every time you feel like giving up on your goals?


Mars: What incites me is reality. Life because of my 7 year old God-Daughter who already knows what I kind of do. Death because of the passing of one my closest friends who also was an artist passed away. knowing that both examples drives me too be better.


Internet Hollywood: You last made front page news a little over a year ago when the music video to your song ‘War Outside’ was featured. The song also included fellow Connecticut artists Big Mach, Marvalayss and 12 Rounz. How did that song come about and what made you choose those artists to feature?


Mars: War Outside was actually watching the news on the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria. So i looked at my perspective on my life and War Outside Came.

Internet Hollywood: What are some of your upcoming projects that you are working on now?


Mars: I actually chose them by knowing them personally and admiring their music. I felt their perspectives fit the song. I was just a participant for Estena Thomas and New Haven Fashion Week. I will be Co-Hosting the Hartford Fashion Week Of CT Fashion Week on October 21st at Artist Collective. Also Look for “When it Falls” The mixtape Coming Soon and Check out the Movie Karma as i make a small cameo. (Shout out too G.O.L.D.)


Internet Hollywood: Where did the name “Auda Mars” originate from?


Mars: Auda-Mars Came From time, which I was always concentrated on growing up,telling time, the watch which is highly crafted. and the au. domain administration in Australia.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some people that you would like to collaborate with?


Mars: That I haven’t worked with, from The Snacks, Logikill, Oscar, Po is hard. Picasso and Swoop, Banga Bandanaz is crazy. its a few. Certified Free Agents as well. That’s the Home team as well.


Internet Hollywood: Thanks you for the interview Mars. Keep doing a great job grinding brother!



~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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