Author, Actor & Filmmaker Joe Mcgee turns his novel ‘Reflections’ into a film series!

News – Author, Actor, Film Director and Producer Joe Mcgee is on the verge of finishing off his film series titled ‘Reflections’ and everyone will soon be able to check it out on Amazon Prime!


This photo is of Joe Mcgee

Joe Mcgee has brought his novel beyond words and has invested it into a much more bigger setting that is bound to shake up the filmmaking realm as it becomes more public later this month. The film titled ‘Reflections’ gives a thrilling Syfy tell of a technical support agent named Andy Tvarvosky, who gets tricked into becoming a subject to a bunch of experiments by the Russian Government. Sounds like a chilling thriller huh? Well there is more. Here’s the full plot:


In 2015 Andy Tvardovsky is tangled in web of lies from people he thought he could trust. One of many who tricks Andy is Duncan Reinstein, the CEO of Red Star Telecommunications. Duncan controls the Russian Federation by using Red Star Telecommunications as a fake company in Hartford, CT. The location of the secret lab is not by rare chance. It’s coincidentally located below where Andy works as a Technical Support agent. The Russians take interest of Andy because of his father Anton’s dealings with the Russians. Andy becomes tricked into getting injections to save his life but instead is subject to a series of experiments by the Russian Government. In this thrilling sci-fi adventure – many are working along side Andy to bring Duncan to justice. It’s Andy’s legacy to bring down the Russians.

With that being said, one could paint the picture while imagining moments as thrilling as the plot describes but Joe McGee also has two trailers to go with it. (below)
The film has a list of talented actors who also takes part in this film, including Mario Carneiro, Tommy Fury, Danny Felix, Ted Sterner, Jeffrey M. Rossman, Ray Boutin, and more,  Joe revealed during a conversation we had that the start of the film was in June 2019 and it  ended in August 2020. It was filmed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, He will be premiering episode 1 on February 27th in Rhode Island to the actors and the rest will be available on Amazon Prime.
You could get all of the information you need about the film at You could also check out both of the trailers and some pictures below!
Reflections –

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