Ava Amar Discuss The Pressure That Comes With Being An Upcoming Model From Connecticut

ava amar 2Prince Vega – Upcoming independent Connecticut model Ava Amar is working hard to establish her brand and today she’s making a stand with her second published story with Internet Hollywood since her last debut earlier last month. The independent model first made headlines after opening up with her thoughts on tensions between Connecticut models that’s been growing at a noticeable pace through the world of social media. She along with others believes the whole thing is a competitive reaction for the spotlight. Anyway, we caught up with her again to get her take on something a little more different but similar to our previously discussed topic.


Q: Seeing you sacrifice time to find the dream that’s been living in your veins since the thought of modeling have occurred must have been an experience. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to get involved with your own shoot for the first time. Being from Connecticut, I’m sure it is a certain amount of pressure girls go through by people they know and other upcoming models. Was there any pressure or distractions for you while trying to pursue a full time career in modeling? What kind of people had the most to say about it and why do you think it has happened?


“Yes! I have been waiting for someone to ask this question. First off, there is a tremendous amount of pressure. You have the naysayers of course. Then you have the people you think are your true supporters who secretly want you to fail. I have a few of those. What’s really heartbreaking is you want your family to support everything you do but then you see them supporting everyone else instead of what you’re doing. No one started rocking with me until they saw my first magazine publication, which is very upsetting. I wanted them to believe in me from the start. My biggest distractions are the people who try to say they made me, because then you start to lose your self confidence. You need to have a ton of confidence to be a model in the first place. Everyone wants to take credit for my career however nobody deserves it because I did it myself. I think this happens because others don’t have the balls to do what I’m doing so they rather criticize, put down everything and judge everything you try to accomplish. Then when they see you doing good they have the nerve to say that they made you. Ain’t nobody make me but my mama! With the help of the few people who are REAL supporters I have made this far.”

Q: Have the people trying to take credit of your career tried to come back and get you to do what they want?


“Yes! They definitely have, however I’m very stubborn. So it’s very hard for them to get me to listen. They weren’t there in the beginning so why are they trying to be here now? What’s the motive?”

ava amar 1Q: How often do you make mistakes when it comes to decisions? What would you say is the biggest so far?


“It’s always going to be a lot of mistakes made along the way. Long as you correct them, you’ll be good. I make mistakes with hair, makeup, outfit choice. Small things. My biggest mistake so far, would have to be trusting certain photographers. I’ve learned to make contracts now before shooting so everything is handled in a proper manner.”

Q: At one point you showed a strong interest in becoming a Internet Hollywood Model. Do you still feel that’s something you want to do? If so why does it interest you?


“Whaaatttt!! It’s definitely something I still would want to do. I think it’s a great opportunity. Not only is it a dope site. Internet Hollywood gives a spotlight to all upcoming models and entertainers. It’s definitely a positive look.”

Ava Amar’s hard work will soon be recognized on a wider scale as she increases her presence through social networking outlets. She just launched a Facebook fan page for her followers who will get endless updates on the model career quicker than the delayed wall post that Facebook is known for.


You can follow Ava Amar’s new fan page by clicking the highlighted link below. You could also listen to Prince Vega host Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 21st at 8:30 p.m. (est). You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page. The stunning photo of Amar was taken by a very talented photographer by the name of  Zayaveli.


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