Ava Amar Makes A Huge Model Decision, Enrolls In Prince Vega University

ava amar 6Prince Vega University – Prince Vega University is growing tremendously and new eager girls are finding their way to Internet Hollywood and the competitive nature is a sense away from everyone who feels their hunger. Ava Amar is now having her time to explore the new world of Internet Hollywood that is now giving upcoming models a platform to show off their abilities. Ava has been garnering the support of our thirteen party committee and has shown a great deal of support to Internet Hollywood as a whole. Without knowing much of us personally she still showed support and bought a Internet Hollywood shirt.


Amar is also a frequent listener of Internet Hollywood Radio. She has been very active with the live streaming broadcast over the last few weeks. She also shared her taste in music and requested we add some soca music in the mix. The radio show highlighted some of the trending topics happening with our celebrities and news around the world.


Amar is quickly gaining some attention to herself from members of our Internet Hollywood community. She’s only an enrollee and has already made front page news in Internet Hollywood four times and has caught the attention of upcoming photographers who has worked with other models in our digital universe.


If Amar continues to make headlines on our website at the pace she is doing now she could end up makng it on our top model charts by late next month. There has never been an enrollee from Prince Vega University that has topped the top model charts, but if Amar continues to keep herself active she could end up being the first. Prince Vega University is made to monitor, promote and report on the activity and responses to talented individuals who wants to become Internet Hollywood celebrities. An enrollee normally remains a student for up to 6-12 months. If our committee members are not satisfied with the progress an enrollee has made in her career she will remain in Prince Vega University until she does.


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