Ava Amar on East Hartford, CT Riverfest Cancellation: “It’s Very Unfair To The Families”

ava amar 4Prince Vega – The Hartford, East Hartford, CT Riverfest & fireworks cancellation has been sitting with thousands of people uncomfortably and we are giving them a platform to express how they truly feel about the cities decision to cut off something as important as the biggest celebration of the year, which would’ve costed the city 100,000 vs the amount of 10 million the city agreed to help pay for a baseball stadium that isn’t even completed yet.


Ava Amar is also giving us her thoughts on the matter that has been trending in Internet Hollywood for the last two days now. She been performing tremendously in Internet Hollywood with three front page stories in the last three months. Ava felt the delay in opening the baseball stadium in downtown Hartford has effected the city greatly since it remains incomplete.


“In my opinion the budget is blown by the stadium and the costs are mounting daily,” she said. ‘I feel like it could greatly benefit the city of Hartford if it actually gets built and generates a large income while providing jobs for the people that live here. However, I am deeply saddened by the cut backs of the city. I want to stay positive about the situation in hope that it will get better in the long run. It’s very unfair to the families who look forward to this event every year. It’s so unfortunate. Even though fireworks are being held in other towns, some will still miss out.”

Ava is one of the very few models from the Hartford county that is starting to capture the attention of some of our representatives. If she continues to perform well in the future Amar could very well end up being offered a contract to be an official Internet Hollywood model in the future!


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