Ava Amar Reveals Motive Behind Her Past Beef With Another Connecticut Model

lanieciaPrince Vega – Upcoming model Ava Amar is filling in the blanks to our curious questions that cries for an explanation to the hug wave of hate that’s been going on with upcoming models in certain counties in Connecticut. Previous reports revealed a handful of models who spoke openly about the ongoing problem shared a strong belief that jealousy and competition played a major role in the behavior of most models. Amar also holds a strong detailed opinion on the matter. It turns out she was also caught up in a situation herself, saying she was guilty by “affiliating” with certain individuals that had problems with others.


“I have been dragged into the model drama,” she said. “Definitely a learning lesson. But you have to realize local model or bigger you are being watched. You have to always remain professional. You never know who is looking to work with you. So if you get into irrelevant drama it may cost you a great opportunity. I feel as though Connecticut models are being pinned against each other. It can be friends, associates and definitely the photographers. They can put things in your ear about another model that may not be true. Basically he said, she said. And you know some models are vulnerable and if they hear these things spoke about them. They want to confront that person. That’s when the feuds start, and the drama ignites. Off of something false. I believe it all stems from people who want to be entertained. They know females will come at each other’s neck for the littlest threat. So why not make the models compete.”

She continued to open up about how she got caught up in the situation that quickly turned out of control and into the world of social media:

“I would say i was guilty by association. I have a model friend who used to be friends with this certain model. And because they were not on good terms I was brought into it. I was at an event and she was also in attendance we didn’t speak while we were there. A couple dirty looks. And because someone told her I was talking trash about her. (See what I mean, pinned against each other) Next morning I get a message. That’s when the exchanging of words happened. Name calling, threats to fight …which could of all been handled if we spoke to each other and cleared the air. But it got out of hand and ended up on Facebook for everyone to see. Which is a no no. Very unprofessional!! It shouldn’t have even gotten that far. We are both trying to make it somewhere. We should have kept it cute.”

laniecia 2Question to Amar: Do you feel that the pressure is far more greater for black models because of all the degrading that’s been going on inside the entertainment business? Why is it that so many gorgeous African American females feel that being “black” isn’t as beautiful as other races when it comes to modeling so they undergo surgeries and bleaching to make their skin lighter?

“Yes! 100%! The fashion world (including magazines) only feature the lighter versions of the African American women. So I feel black women think they have to fit that criteria. The trend now is lighter women with slimmer figures, or even now it’s bigger breast, small waist, and big butts. Black women only see what the mainstream media wants them to look like. Instead of loving themselves and understand being chocolate is a beautiful thing. Having a different body type is okay. It’s so much negativity surrounded by dark complexions. So I understand the insecurities that black women have when it comes to fitting in with what everyone want to see. That’s where the surgeries and enhancements come into play.”

Ava Amar may just be getting her feet wet in the modeling world, but her dreams can easily be achieved if she proceeds to take on every opportunity with a conscious state of mind. She’s young, black and beautiful enough to exceed the expectations if she embraces her talent and take on the world with it. If she continues to perform well with photographers while actively engaging in the social media world she’ll easily make front page news more  in Internet Hollywood again!


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