B.D.K or S.O.S?: Who Deserves To Win An Internet Hollywood Award Next Year?

MCBreezy Da Konvict and S.O.S remains some of the best talent Internet Hollywood has ever seen on the underground music circuit. The three musicians has easily dominated Internet Hollywood Radio repeatedly with dozens of high quality sounds that has guaranteed them promising spots on the top ten billboard charts. S.O.S aggressive sound blended in with it’s controversial background quickly gave them the nick name “bullies” for their way of aggressively pressuring their competition ever since their start back in September. B.D.K has easily made a name for himself in our universe after the second floor committee voted his battle with S.O.S in the Game Of Rap preseason the most “popular” out of all matches that occurred. Breezy has jumped two slots in the top ten billboard charts and has landed in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue. Sounds like a lot huh? That’s definitely enough to get him nominated for something. S.O.S continues to progress with dozens of new anthems to add into the radio mix that easily gained the attention of thousands of listeners. The powerful rap group equally balance their styles in every song they both combine vocals on with verses. B.D.K is similar on the heavy independent grind level to make sure his music gets heard by people all over the world. The artist recently received a major increase in followers by the hundreds on his fan page and it continues to rise. Breezy is a growing household name that is reaching fame on a whole new level in the alternative world. The MC is reaching heights many artist in Internet Hollywood will not make it to. Both groups deserves to be dominated! It will take time to see which group will end up winning next year!

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