Baby Beretta Catches Prince Vega Attention – Will He Sign Her To Internet Hollywood Records?

baby b editInternet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega may be interested in signing Canadian rapper Baby Beretta to Internet Hollywood Records when it’s finished. Huge speculation is going on throughout our second floor committee about Baby Beretta and DynastytheGoddess catching the attention of some elite members of Internet Hollywood. Now that Prince Vega is building Internet Hollywood Records we could only imagine who would be the first act signed to the independent label. Prince Vega has made it clear he will build the entire empire alone before considering bringing any other artist on board to ensure the transition is effective and positive at all times. Prince Vega weighs his thoughts carefully before making any big moves he feel supports the ideas that both individuals can easily agree on. The advantage of being apart of the independent label that he’s building is gigantic for any upcoming artist that is well aware of how much of a powerful tool Internet Hollywood is becoming, especially when it’s backed by him. Prince Vega has already created a magazine, billboard chart, radio station, model movement (w/Isabel Vinson) and a animation company for Internet Hollywood already. (shout out to Ulysses Burgos)


The news is not yet determined if he’s interested in bringing any artist on board at the time but the speculation is very high if he will when the label is done. We will keep you updated as the news continue to build


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