Baby Beretta Enters Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top 10′ Unsigned Music Billboard Chart Battle!


Rapper Baby Beretta will be having her hands full now that the underground music billboard chart battle is finally here. The lyrical female rap artist has started her journey in our universe as one of the strongest competitors among female musicians. Beretta has proven her strength in the Game of Rap series when she went against female rapper DynastytheGoddess and created the most epic show down of the preseason. Baby Beretta’s incredible gift continues to bend the core waves of our radio circuit. She is currently one of the most played artist on Internet Hollywood radio! The other female artists that follows behind are Amy Lee, Gangsta Boo, Angel Haze, Snow the Product, Azealia Banks, Niykee Heaton, and more. Although Beretta’s base isn’t as big as Amy Lee’s, she still holds a golden glove from the highly anticipated battles in the Game of Rap series. Without a doubt, Beretta has become one of the most likable artist in Internet Hollywood in a very short amount of time. She has become so popular in our digital industry that committee members are already talking about putting her in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue. The full page spread will most likely breakdown the thriving force that has made Baby Beretta a promising figure to search up in our digital universe. It still remains unclear how well Baby Beretta will perform in this month’s billboard showdown. We can only wait until time reveals the other artists voted into the battle for Internet Hollywood’s #1 spot. Recent news from the battle shows that underground rapper Loose Logic was also voted into this month’s ‘top 10′ unsigned music billboard chart battle. The artist became eligible to make top ten after he earned seven votes from our thirteen floor private committee. Baby Beretta’s influence in Internet Hollywood gained her 9 of 13 powerful votes before she was eligible to make it on our billboard charts. Will Baby Beretta shock the world and become Internet Hollywood’s first #1 female rapper? We will soon see!

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