Banga Bandanaz Bodies “Quiet Storm” & “24 Hours To Live” Challenge With Two Deadly Freestyles

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Prince Vega – One of Connecticut’s most deadly lyricists is reminding people that he’s still one of the sickest doing it and these latest two freestyles pretty much proves that. Hartford, CT’s own Banga Bandanaz recently amped the fuel and set two challenges on fire with barbaric flows that has everyone listening feeling his wrath as a deadly MC.


The first beat Banga Bandanaz ripped into was Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” where he constantly drove his vicious metaphors into the beat he hammered with one bar after another. The support that followed helped the artist pull in over 200 shares, over 8 thousand views and nearly 100 comments. The video comes shortly after rapper Hartford Po ripped into the Quiet Storm challenge and shook up the underground music scene in Connecticut that is now on fire with video responses.


What followed after the “Quiet Storm” freestyle was another one to Mase’s “24 Hours To Live” beat that’s just as impressive. The video was also released through Facebook’s video streaming feature and is already approaching 2 thousands views. “Stay in the rental we never playing/ the weapon spraying/them hollow shots will pop your bottle top like medication.”  – #24hourstolivechallege #bangabandanaz


The first time Bandanaz made front page news in Internet Hollywood was last month after releasing a freestyle called “Real ****” on his Soundcloud. This officially marks his second published story on Internet Hollywood and we are willing to bet that it won’t be his last either. You can listen to both of Banga Bandanaz freestyles by clicking the highlighted links below.


Banga Bandanaz – “Quiet Storm Challenge”

Banga Bandanaz – “24 Hours To Live”

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