Banga Bandanaz Calls Out Bullsh*t: “Every Time I Turn Around You ****** Playing That Young M.A. Sh*t”


Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own Banga Bandanaz didn’t mind expressing his views on the city’s interest in supporting other artists before their own. In a published video on his Facebook page, he spoke strongly on his thoughts after showing his collection of music from underground musicians in Connecticut.


Bandanaz also went on a short rant about how people from the city are supporting Young M.A. more than their own “You mean to tell me, that you’ll cut her **** on before my ****? She harder than me kik? Let me know if she tougher than me kik.”


He stressed that upcoming talent from neighboring communities within the state gets no support while upcoming talent from neighboring states gets more love in Connecticut than rappers inside of it. His comments garnered the support of fellow artists and friends who shared similar views as him but felt that “hate” was the leading source of the problem.


Bandanaz just recently dropped a mixtape titled “Hammers On Deck” that features artists from Connecticut like Bagdad, Twist Downz, Oscar Black, Bad Newz, Lawless Dour & Sqruillz. Bandanaz has made front page news on Internet Hollywood four times this year and five times altogether!


Click Here To Watch Banga Bandanaz Address CT Music

Click Here To Listen To ‘Bangaz On Deck’

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